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8 Tips for Dealing With That Extra Annoying Co-worker

Whether it’s the copywriter who incessantly talks to you about her family drama or the account executive who steals food from the company fridge, we’ve all dealt with annoying co-workers in the office at some point or another.

Of course, colleagues who drive you crazy also pose a problem: How do you deal with them without leaving a bad impression?

Have no fear, because we’ve searched the great depths of the web to find the best resources on handling those pesky people in the office. You’ll be a work relationships master in no time.

  1. Trust me, you’re not alone: Here are the 15 most annoying co-workers ever (and, shocker: Everyone deals with them). (LinkedIn)
  2. Building on that, there are definitely ways to handle each individual infuriating co-worker case; it’s not one-size-fits-all. (DailyWorth)
  3. If you’re worried that you’re the only person dealing with a frustrating colleague, don’t be; research found that one in eight people leave a job due to “incivility.” (Entrepreneur)
  4. It’s easy to reach a breaking point with loud, gossipy colleagues, so drown them out with these five awesome apps. (Fast Company)
  5. Sometimes when you’re dealing with an obnoxious team member, it’s best to find a bigger enemy. (Inc.)
  6. If you’re dealing with a perpetually late co-worker, here’s the fix you’ve always been waiting for: the Whisky Rule. (Lifehacker)
  7. Obviously, it’s easy to be annoyed with other people, but it’s also important to take a step back and think about what irritating office habits you have that drive others crazy. (Forbes)
  8. All in all, look on the bright side: Your co-worker isn’t as awful as David Thorne. (Elite Daily)

Need more help dealing with annoyances in the office? Check out some of our suggestions!

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