Wouldn’t it be nice if you could walk over to the co-worker who is driving you nuts, growl, “There’s only room in this office for one of us,” and have it out, Western-movie style?

So simple. So effective. So satisfying.

Alas, the days of cowboys are long behind us, so instead we’ve got to settle things the civilized way. Here are the internet’s best suggestions for dealing with your annoying colleagues. Pistols not included.

  1. First, let’s identify the problem. Check out the 45 most annoying office habits that could be the culprit. (Mashable)

  2. If you’re looking for a little company for your misery, you’ll love this crowd-sourced list of the 10 most common co-worker complaints. (Fast Company)

  3. Then, browse our list of the 13 deadly office sins to see if your colleagues (or you!) are guilty of one. (The Muse)

  4. So you’ve figured out exactly why your officemate is making you insane (or maybe you didn’t need our help with that). Here’s how to actually deal with him or her. (Forbes)

  5. Maybe it’s not just a case of “she clips her nails at her desk.” To get along with the meeting monopolizers, busybodies, or slackers, you’ll need specific instructions. (DailyWorth)

  6. We hate to say it—but is it possible you’re annoying a co-worker? Take this quiz to find out. (Your Office Coach)

  7. You might also want to see if these eight warning signs it’s you with the problem sound familiar. (U.S. News)

  8. Some of the more subtle bad habits on this list—like standing in someone’s doorway while he talks on the phone, or chewing gum—surprised even us. Oops, no more Orbit. (Diane Gottsman)

Photo of frustrated man courtesy of Shutterstock.