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8 Secrets for Upgrading Your Next Meeting

Let’s be honest here: Who really likes meetings? If you’re the one leading them, you know that half of the people in the room are on Facebook or Gchat instead of paying attention, and if you’re sitting in one, more often than not you’re thinking about where you’d rather be.

So, what’s a careerist to do?

Well, there are actually plenty of ways to make your meetings more necessary, productive, and efficient—and we scoured the web to bring you the tips and tricks that will make your next meeting totally boss.

  1. Think meetings aren’t that bad? Think again; here are three reasons why meetings are totally the worst. (Forbes)
  2. Fun fact: Managers say that 45% of meetings accomplish absolutely nothing. How can you overcome this statistic? It’s all about being agenda-driven. (Progressive Business Publications)
  3. A fun little hack that could make a huge difference in your meeting: Give everyone a job to do. (Havard Business Review)
  4. Knowing how to structure your meeting for optimal productivity can be daunting, but following these three directed steps can make the process a lot easier. (Inc.)
  5. If you really want a business meeting to do something, you need novelty (and lots of it). (LinkedIn)
  6. Meetings with lax leadership are just one of the seven deadly sins of business meetings. Are you guilty of the other six? (Entrepreneur)
  7. If you don’t know how to be an active and present listener, nothing else you do in the meeting matters. (DailyWorth)
  8. Lastly, if you’re looking for a straightfoward collection of important meeting hacks, this particular list has got you covered. (Lifehacker)

Want some more tips on how to make your meetings awesome? Check out our suggestions!

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