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8 Quick Ways to Slash Your Procrastination

One of the biggest issues with procrastination is that it isn’t something you can’t just shut off when you want to. Most of us don’t really have the ability to turn on motivation (or turn off procrastination) with the flip of a switch.

So, what do you do if you need your procrastinating ways gone in a pinch? We looked for some of the best resources out there to get you started.

  1. There are four major excuses people use to procrastinate, so if you find yours, you can recognize it and move on. (TIME)
  2. The first question to ask yourself if you’re procrastinating: Are your tasks too simple or too challenging? Finding the perfect balance can make you more enthusiastic about your work. (Psychology Today)
  3. A lot of the time, the tasks we’re stressing about completing really don’t take too much time; we actually spend more time dreading them than doing them. (Lifehacker)
  4. If you’re looking for a little inspiration when stopping procrastination, try thinking about using the Seinfeld Strategy. (James Clear)
  5. An easy way to stop procrastinating: Hang out with buddies who don’t procrastinate. (Lifehack)
  6. If you can’t find a good reason to stop procrastinating, use the accountability factor. (Forbes)
  7. The simplest way to stop procrastination at its root is to think about how good you’ll feel in the end. What better reason is there? (Inc.)
  8. Could your pessimism be making you procrastinate? The answer is really important. (DailyWorth)

Want more help killing the procrastination bug? Check out our suggestions!

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