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8 Medium Accounts to Follow if You Want Life-Changing Advice Every Single Day

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The internet is a magical place, isn’t it? Whether you want to watch a video of a cat riding a vacuum cleaner or read a thoughtful and helpful article that’s sure to give your career a boost, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find it all online.

Want some help with the latter category? Medium—a publishing platform that allows people to share their own ideas and send them out to the world—is a great place to look.

Because it can be overwhelming to just jump in, I’ve rounded up eight different accounts you should follow to step up your career, improve your life, and give you a break from those endless cat videos.

1. If You’re Always Looking to Learn, Follow The Mission

The Mission was formed for one simple reason: To help people improve their lives, the lives of those they love, and to build a better future for all of humanity. And, they believe the best way to do that is through accelerated learning. From science and technology to human challenges and triumphs in formats ranging from op-eds to historical fiction, you’ll fill your brain with things that will leave you feeling both inspired and informed.

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2. If You’re Seeking Motivation, Follow Benjamin Hardy

As a leadership and startup advisor currently pursuing a PhD in organizational psychology (and a contributor for The Mission!), Benjamin Hardy shares tons of different tips and strategies to get up, get moving, and achieve your goals even faster. His account is packed with everything from helpful morning routines to motivational tidbits, and you’re sure to walk away from his page feeling ready to tackle your day, your goals, and your life.

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3. If You Want to Stop Procrastinating, Follow Darius Foroux

Getting lost in the internet black hole might seem like a surefire way to avoid your work. However, if you take some time to read Darius Foroux’s articles, you’ll actually be achieving the exact opposite. With two new articles each week, he shares plenty of tips that will help you stop pushing things to the backburner and actually get started. Whether you want to dig into the science behind procrastination or find actionable strategies to stop multitasking, his tips will help you get things done.

Favorite Article: Slow Down, You’re Not Falling Behind

4. If You’re Looking for Entrepreneurial Inspiration, Follow Elle Kaplan

Elle Kaplan is the CEO and founder of LexION Capital, an investment management firm. So, needless to say, she’s a pretty successful entrepreneur herself. The articles she publishes run the gamut from why you need to stop complaining to how to transform your weaknesses into strengths. She shares all of the knowledge you need to be a better version of yourself—whether you’re an entrepreneur or not.

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5. If You Need Some Encouragement, Follow Thomas Oppong

As the Founding Editor for ALLTOPSTARTUPS, an Inc. columnist, and an Entrepreneur contributor, it’s pretty obvious that Thomas Oppong has some awesome information to share with the world. The articles he publishes are helpful and actionable, while also being stuffed to the gills with inspiration. So, you’ll not only feel more skilled and knowledgeable, you’ll also feel that much more capable of putting those skills and that knowledge to good use.

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6. If You’re Looking for Career Advice, Follow Julie Zhuo

Julie Zhuo is the Vice President of Product Design at Facebook, which means she knows a thing or two about building a career you love. With articles detailing the things she’s learned about management to a thought-provoking piece about building creative confidence, Zhuo’s Medium account is a must-read if you’re seeking insightful career advice from somebody who knows it best.

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7. If You’re Interested in Freelancing, Follow The Freelancer

If you’re into freelancing, chances are you’ve already heard of Contently. The Freelancer is its publication dedicated to talking all things related to the freelance life. Read helpful advice on how to change your name professionally, discover the pros and cons of co-working, and find out more about sponsored content. Overall, it has plenty of practical articles that will help you be a better, well, freelancer.

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8. If You’re Seeking Happiness, Follow Gretchen Rubin

I’d go so far as to say that Gretchen Rubin is the unofficial queen of all things happiness. If you’ve read and loved any of her well-known books, you’re sure to find her Medium account irresistible. It’s frequently updated with advice and personal stories that will put you on the path to becoming a happier you. And, who doesn’t want that?

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There you have it—eight Medium accounts that will both inform and inspire. Check them out and you’ll rest easy with the knowledge that those hours you waste perusing the internet will be well spent. Don’t worry—those cat videos will still be there when you’re done.

Do you have a favorite Medium account to follow? Let me know what it is on Twitter!