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8 (Free!) Ways to Instantly Boost Your Mood and Motivation

We’ve all been there: You’re hitting the mid-afternoon slump and don’t think you can stare at your computer screen for another minute. Unfortunately, though, you don’t have the time (or money) to leave your office and grab some coffee or a snack.

Lucky for you, we scoured the web looking for awesome ways to instantly brighten your workday and boost your motivation—none of which involve running down to Starbucks and spending four bucks on a venti passion tea.

  1. Studies show that people spend 4.3 hours per week searching for papers, so take your lunch break to clean out and organize that mounting paper pile; you’ll thank yourself later. (Reliable Plant)
  2. Have a little spare time before your next meeting? Take five minutes and do some quick office desk yoga to feel revived. Getting rid of that desk slouch is also a plus. (Ladies’ Home Journal)
  3. Belting out your favorite tunes could actually be the secret to making you feel calmer and more rejuvenated after a long day. (Inc.)
  4. Dreading a task ahead and already feeling exhausted? Giving yourself the right kind of pep talk should do the trick. (Bloomberg)
  5. Feeling distracted? Try the Pomodoro Technique, which helps keep your brain focused on one task and one task only for 25 minutes. (Lifehacker)
  6. Master the quick 30-minute power nap (yes, there’s an actual science behind it) and you could find yourself more productive than ever. (i09)
  7. Taking a small work break doesn’t mean you have to sit at your computer scrolling through Facebook; a three-minute dance party could actually make you feel a whole lot better. (iDoneThis)
  8. Studies have shown time and again that just stepping outside into nature for five minutes can greatly boost your mood and efficiency. (Rodale)

Looking for other ways to get motivated? Check out our suggestions!

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