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8 Expert-Backed Secrets to Making the Perfect To-Do List

Figuring out how to get all of your tasks done in one day can be quite the struggle, and that’s where to-do lists can be so helpful. And nowadays, there are all sorts of swanky to-do list apps to take your agenda-completing to a whole new level.

As many professionals know, however, to-do lists are only good if the person creating them is committed to completing the tasks. How can you create and manage a to-do list that works for you? We searched the web for some awesome resources.

  1. Fun fact: 41% of to-do tasks are never completed. The only way to truly understand how to use a to-do list is to know why they typically fail. (Lifehacker)
  2. Ever wondered how much your to-do list could really do for you? It turns out that it may be the difference between earning and costing you money. (Entrepreneur)
  3. To-do lists are all about psychology, and if you try this one special trick, you could master the mental side of getting tasks done on time. (Psychology Today)
  4. Keeping on the trend of science, this step-by-step guide to creating a to-do list will make sure you do it right the first time. (Greatist)
  5. Here is how some of the world’s most successful people structure their personal to-do lists. (Fast Company)
  6. Another way to think of your to-do list: Try creating a “Done” list. (Inc)
  7. Here’s a very important tip: Stop trying to make your inbox into your to-do list. It really doesn’t work as well as you think. (Harvard Business Review)
  8. No matter what though, make sure your life never turns into one big to-do list. (Forbes)

Want some more help crafting the best to-do list ever? Check out our suggestions!

Photo courtesy of Nikki Buitendijk.