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7 Surprising Must-Dos for Your Resume

You’ve known for a while that having a strong and updated resume is an essential part of your professional repertoire. But as the world of business changes, so do the rules. While the basics might stay the same, there are some surprising new tips that no one has probably shared with you.

Until now. Here, we’ve gathered seven seriously helpful links to help get you caught up on all of the latest resume must-haves.

  1. Accept that your resume is not the most important part of anyone’s day, ever. Figure out what will make someone scan over your document with this helpful advice. (LinkedIn)
  2. A resume isn’t just about listing your accomplishments—it’s about being an advocate for yourself and why you’d be awesome for the position! Use these four tricks to learn how. (Huffington Post)
  3. Avoid the “resume black hole” by making your resume SEO friendly. It sounds crazy, but believe us—it’s a thing. (Forbes)
  4. Use this simple trick to make your skill set look undeniably more attractive than the rest of the pile.
  5. Find a colleague who is willing to swap resumes. You’ll both figure out how to better describe your job, and who knows? You might even realize there are certain skills you don’t have but absolutely should. (Lifehacker)
  6. Follow the “less is more” rule. Always. This advice from a successful entrepreneur will explain why too much information will get your resume thrown out. (Both Sides)
  7. Figuring out new ways to describe what you do and who you are can feel repetitive, but as long as you’re avoiding these resume buzzwords, you’re already on great footing. (U.S. News)

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