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7 Reasons You Can't Get Motivated Today (Solutions Included!)

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You started the work day ready to have the most productive day possible, but you have a slight dilemma on your hands. Because all you can think is, “I have absolutely zero motivation to do anything right now.”

And this lack of desire to tackle your to-do list can be for many different reasons. Maybe you didn’t sleep well last night and you’re just too tired to focus. Or, maybe you just got back from vacation, your inbox has hundreds of unread emails, and you have no idea where to even start.

But don’t worry—there’s still hope. This infographic outlines seven possible reasons you don’t feel like doing anything today, and it provides simple solutions to turn each of them around.

And trust me—trying one (or all) of these is worth it. You’ll feel a whole lot better at the end of the day than if you just sit there like a slug for eight hours.

Infographic courtesy of ProEssayWriter.Net. Photo of runner courtesy of Shutterstock.