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7 No-Fail Hairstyles for a Bad Hair Day

We all have those days when our hair just won’t do what it’s supposed to. Or when we’re so busy meeting deadlines (and, let’s be honest, friends for happy hour) that spending an hour shampooing and blow drying in the morning just isn’t going to happen.

Truth is, we could all use some tips on how to deal with a bad hair day that don’t involve hiding out in a cubicle. So we turned to YouTube’s best beauty vloggers for some inspiration, and found seven styles that’ll spruce up your look and let you get out the door with plenty of time to still grab a latte. But be warned: They’re so awesome, you may want to wear them on good hair days, too!

1. The Simple Updo

This everyday updo, courtesy of Wendy’s Lookbook, requires only a few hair clips and a few minutes! It works best on medium-long, fine hair that hasn’t been washed in a few days—the oils in your hair will give the style more texture, and that “I look cute but didn’t try too hard” look.

Perfect for: Those mornings when you hit the snooze button one too many times.

What You Need: A hairbrush, 2 hair clips, a few bobby pins, and 2 elastic hair bands.

2. The Ballerina Bun

The ballerina bun is by far one of the chicest ways to camouflage unruly or dirty hair. In fact, oily hair will make the bun look better—sleek and flyaway-free! There are actually several ways of doing this that involve using a clean tube sock or doughnut ring, but we like this version by Beauty

Perfect for: Days when your hair is dirty or a hot mess! It also works great for an evening out on the town.

What You Need: A hairbrush, long bobby pins, and 1-3 hair ties depending on how thick your hair is.

3. The Short Hair Solution

If your hair is short, headbands are your new best friend. We love this look by Beauty that creates the illusion of an updo with the use of a beautiful elastic headband. You can also try a head scarf for a summer night or casual Friday.

Perfect for: When you want to take it up a notch with a great accessory or for a fun night out.

What You Need: A hairbrush and headband—that’s it!

4. Quick Rainy Day Updo

Spending 30 minutes on your hair just to have it fall flat due to a rainstorm or wind gust isn’t a good way to start the day. Beauty blogger Dulce Candy has a solution for all-weather hair with an adorable updo that works on short, medium, or long hair.

Perfect for: Rainy or windy days.

What You Need: A hairbrush, hair ties, bobby pins, and hairspray (optional).

5. Easy Breezy Braids

In the YouTube world, the Luxy Sisters are the authority when it comes to hair (and hair extensions). Here, they show you how to braid your hair two different ways in under four minutes! Or, check out this other tutorial that contains a few more easy styles for bad hair days.

Perfect for: Lazy days or when you want to channel your inner Katniss Everdeen (don’t act like you don’t think she’s awesome!).

What You Need: A hairbrush, hair tie, and nimble fingers.

6. The Classic

If you want a bit classier way to wear a ponytail on bad hair days, look to the fabulous Ms. Jessica Harlow (don’t hate her for looking great, she just can’t help herself!). Something about this twist on a classic just screams confident, powerful woman.

Perfect for: A day in the boardroom and a night out on the town in between hair washes.

What You Need: A hair straightener (optional), hairbrush, a comb to tease the crown, and a hair tie.

7. Fight the Greasies!

If you absolutely have to wear your hair down and are in between washes, here’s a quick way to lessen the appearance of a greasy scalp using dry shampoo, courtesy of DazzleMeHay.

Looking great doesn’t have to take a lot of time and energy, thanks to our expert vloggers. OK, now get off YouTube and get back to work!

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