Do you work for a boss who makes every single day at work miserable? It sucks. I know, I’ve been there. You come home feeling drained, frustrated, and desperate for a glass of wine (can you tell I’m speaking from experience?). And it probably seems like there’s nothing you can do to improve your position. Your co-workers agree, this boss is the pits, but what can you do? Suck it up, and endure, seems to be the mutual sentiment.

Well, first, you’re not alone in feeling like this. Almost everyone, at some point, works for a person they don’t see eye-to-eye with. And though this might not be what you want to hear at the moment, working for someone who’s difficult helps you out in the long run. You not only build resilience—one of the top traits for long-term success—but you also learn what not to do when it comes time for you to be in charge.

So, if you’re wondering what you can do to make things even a little bit better (or at least tolerable), we have seven different articles with every kind of perspective on dealing with a horrible manager.

1. 3 Bad Boss Personalities—and How to Deal With Them

Dealing with someone who hogs the spotlight and takes all the credit? Or perhaps you have a manager who always tells you “no,” no matter how innovative your idea? Here’s how to deal.

2. How to Deal With a Verbally Abusive Boss Who Crosses the Line

Dealing with name-calling, put downs, or worse? It’s absolutely inexcusable behavior, but sadly, it happens. Follow these steps.

3. What to Do When You Hate Your Boss But Love Your Job

And for those who do have something positive in their work lives—a job they love—but a horrible boss that goes with it, this is for you.

4. 3 Professional Ways to Manage a Boss Who Doesn't Understand Work-Life Balance

Learn the difference between your supervisor having high expectations for you or unreasonable and unrealistic ones—where you’re doomed to fail.

5. Presented Without Sarcasm: 3 Lessons I Learned From a Micromanaging Boss

Working under a micromanager is beyond frustrating, but on the upside, it teaches you why the small stuff matters.

6. What I Learned From My First (and Worst) Boss

You actually can learn a lot from a terrible manager—even one who belittles you and only uses negative motivation.

7. 7 Things You'll Never Take for Granted After Working for a Horrible Boss

While you might not quite be at the “gratitude,” stage of getting over a miserable leader, the experience will, eventually, make your future workplace environments seem so much better.

When you’re dealing with a bad boss, you’re most likely feeling pretty stressed out. Sometimes supervisors move on, but that’s not guaranteed. And how long do you really want to wait for your situation to improve?

If you are truly miserable, instead of crossing your fingers and waiting for change, consider taking the steps necessary to get out. Start sprucing up your resume and start thinking about your options.

And if (or when) you find yourself in a room with your next potential boss, keep an eye out for these red flags that reveal this manager might not be any better than your last.

Photo of miserable boss courtesy of Portra/Getty Images.