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7 DIY Bedroom Projects That'll Help You Fall Asleep Faster

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Shutting your body and brain down for the night is all about remembering one popular proverb: “Out of sight, out of mind.” Making a clean and clear bedroom space will lead the way to a solid and rejuvenating rest.

According to a poll from the National Sleep Foundation, the majority of the 1,500 adults (ages 25 to 55) surveyed said they sleep better in a clean, organized bedroom. You’re probably not shocked by that finding—but who has the time or energy to make a spotless, sparkling home happen?

Turns out, getting that peaceful room of your dreams is just a matter of tackling each distraction one by one. These seven simple adjustments will help you get the perfect sleep-inducing space by bedtime.

1. Make Your Bed in the Morning (Really!)

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This first tip starts right after you wake up. As annoying as it is to do, sliding into a cool, clean bed at night is the best way to get your mind in gear for slumber. That same National Sleep Foundation poll showed that people who make their beds get better sleep overall. Plus, it’s just so darn luxurious!

2. Put All Your Clothes Away—Clean and Dirty

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Toss that small mound (or, more likely, heaping pile) of dirty clothing into the hamper to clear bed and floor space—as well as headspace. Research shows having less mess surrounding you should help to quiet your brain. And that goes for clean clutter, too. Put your freshly washed clothing neatly folded in your dresser or hung in your closet. Hanging up feels like too much effort? At least pile it in a basket and put it in the closet with the doors closed.

3. Cover Up Your TV

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When you’re feeling sleepy, your self control is one of the first things to go. One study actually showed that being tired inhibits people's ability to hold back from eating highly caloric foods. Similarly, once your TV is on, you can pretty much guarantee that you’ll miss your planned bedtime. If you’ve got one in your bedroom, cover it with a DIY screen so that you’ll be less tempted.

4. Charge Your Phone Outside Your Bedroom

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Using your phone as part of your bedtime routine isn’t only distracting you from sleep, it’s actually delaying your body’s ability to shut down. So, before going into your bedroom, plug it into a charger and put it away for the night.

5. Keep a Pad and Pencil on the Nightstand

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Have you ever heard of the Zeigarnik effect? It’s what causes you to mentally list all the things you didn’t accomplish that day the minute your head hits the pillow. Instead of spending the whole night trying to push away nagging thoughts, squash your anxiety by keeping a pad of paper or a small notebook on your nightstand. Every time a worry creeps in, jot it down and get back to sleep.

6. Keep Your Bed Clutter-Free

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If a messy room can interfere with your sleep, just think of what a messy bed can do. There’s probably nothing worse than tossing and turning when you’re surrounded by stray throw pillows, clothes, or other clutter. In order to really get comfortable, clear everything away, so that you’re left with plenty of space to roll, turn, and get cozy.

7. Organize Dresser Tops and Nightstands

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Sweep your nightstand free of clutter so that you don’t have any lingering distractions while you’re trying to wind down. Cleanliness helps to relax your mind, but even more relevant is that, putting away possible distractions like extra books or electronics will limit what you can do while you're sitting in bed. Instead of fidgeting or getting involved in other things, you’ll be better able to relax and ease yourself to sleep.