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6 Ways to Banish End-of-Year Stress at the Office

end of year work stress

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Judy Martin is an Emmy® award-winning broadcast journalist and work stress management consultant who has tracked business news and work-life trends for more than two decades. She is also the founder of Her work has appeared on NPR, Marketplace Report, CNBC Business Radio,, Huffington Post, and the News 12 Networks in New York. After the events of 9/11, she combined her experience in news and communications with her life-long studies of yoga, meditation, and breathwork to guide clients toward creatively transforming stress and boosting performance at work. In 2006, she recorded her first CD: Practical Chaos: Reflections on Resilience. In 2012, Judy was chosen by, a Dr.Oz company, as a Top 10 On-line Influencer on Stress.

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