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6 Ridiculous Ways to Exercise in the Office

When you’re a busy professional, multitasking is key. Texting while walking? Simple. Compiling the budget while watching puppy GIFs? Easy.

So why not try working out while you work?

Alright, while there are some actually useful ways to incorporate exercise into your workday (think: take the stairs), the web is full of some, um, more creative suggestions. So if you can’t find time to make it to the gym, turn to one of these tips for pumping some iron right at your desk.

1. Go Big or Go Home

Working in an office doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a single moment of CrossFit training. Medicine balls? Boulders? Ha! You work out with rolling desk chairs. (Bonus points for doing it in full view of your co-workers. They’re impressed. Really.)

Source: Thrillist

2. Start Small

If wearing high heels isn’t enough of a calf workout, bulk up even more with the assistance of a ream of printer paper. And when your co-workers complain about the shoe-shaped dent in the middle of the financial reports they just printed, you can always blame Frank the delivery guy.

Source: Forbes

3. Channel Your Aggression

Frustrated with your boss, who can’t let you work for five consecutive minutes without peering over your cubicle wall? Mad at that annoying co-worker, who snagged the last donut? You’ll look even happier than this guy when you’re picturing their faces on your brand new office punching bag.

Source: Think Succeeded

(3a. Victory Dance)

And once you knock the daylights out of your boss—er, punching bag—feel free to celebrate with a little “raise the roof” action.

Source: Washington Post

4. Use Your Environment

Now, this is convenient. When it’s time to work out, just take a good 10 minutes to clean all your pens, pencils, papers, books, and popcorn crumbs off the top of your desk, haul away your computer, and (finally) get to work. And when your triceps are sufficiently burning from all those dips, well, now it’s time to put it all back.

Source: Furniture Fashion 

5. Stand Up

Boss won’t splurge for a standing desk? Don’t worry—just toss a chair on top of your desk, and voilá! Bonus: Your creepy co-worker won’t have anywhere to sit when he comes by for his morning chat.

Source: A Healthier Michigan

6. Challenge Yourself

Here’s a real test of endurance: Pour yourself a hot cup of coffee, throw down some invisible hula hooping, and see how long the coffee stays in your cup. You’ll score some rockin’ abs—and probably some third degree burns, too.

Source: Back On Pointe

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