The Ryan Gosling meme just won't die. And hey girl, that's OK with us. This week, we combed through the interwebs to bring you the best of the bunch. (Yes, we know, tough job. But someone had to do it.)  

1. Feminist Ryan Gosling

Feminist theory flashcards from everyone's favorite guy.  

2. Silicon Valley Ryan Gosling

If the only thing you love more than your startup idea is Ryan Gosling.  

3. Hey Girl, I Like the Library Too

For the inner library nerd in all of us.  

4. Hunger Games Ryan Gosling

You knew it was bound to happen.  

5. Hey Girl Barack Obama Emails

Campaign emails sound much less desperate when put on Ryan Gosling photos.

6. Fuck Yeah! Ryan Gosling

The classic, but still a great one.

Updated 6/19/2020