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5 Organizing Tips for Creative People Who Hate the Word "Organization"

Creativity is one of the most underappreciated assets. Whether you’re in business, finance, or a corporate setting, having a bit of flair can help you stand apart from your peers and find solutions that others would never contemplate.

There’s only one difference between creatives who achieve their dreams and the ones who fail to meet their goals—organization.

For the lucky individuals who enter into a fantastical mindset full of infinite possibilities, staying grounded in present reality can be difficult and unpleasant, because who wants to think about sleep when you’re figuring out how your idea is going to change the world?

To all of my friends out there that want to share their brilliance with the world, I will show you how to maximize your productivity without stifling your creativity in five simple steps:

1. Stop Taking on More Projects

I know that you want to take on the world, but sometimes you need to balance that ambition with some good old-fashioned pessimism.

Be honest with yourself—can you really build your own personal brand all while writing a novel, climbing the ladder at work, starting a personal training business, and doing life coaching on the side?

Sure, that may be possible for a few people, but most individuals will find that their creativity will plummet when trying to take on too many tasks at the same time. Stop taking on more projects, and start refining your strengths.

2. Don’t Attach Yourself to Every Great Idea

Similarly, respect the fact that a lot of your ideas are excellent—the only problem is that when you commit to every great idea, you can’t finish each project.

You need to be patient, trust your creativity, and believe in yourself. You will always have more great ideas that will present themselves at opportune times—you don’t have to throw bait at every fish to have a successful day of fishing.

3. Organize Your To-Do List

If creativity is your strength, it’s possible that organization is not your top priority.

The brains of an office manager and an innovator are very different—however, the most successful creatives teach themselves how to stay organized.

Create a central document that has all of the things you hope to do, both short-term and long-term. Centralizing your list will help you see projects to their completion and help you keep the creativity flowing.

4. Break Down Tasks and Goals Into Weekly Items

After you have your goals and to-do’s all in the same place, now it’s time to break those down into smaller components. Chances are, you won’t go from trying to pay back school loans to spending time in Maui overnight.

Aim small and know that each step you take will compound over time, getting you closer and closer to your end goal. Listing the small tasks and goals that you have to achieve each week will increase your accountability and teach you the structure you need to achieve your dreams.

5. Prioritize Your Number One Asset

Know that above all else time is your most valuable asset. Your ideas will come and go, but your time is only right now and then gone forever.

Stop spinning your wheels by taking on small meaningless projects and trying to do 100 projects at the same time, and start prioritizing your unique strengths and making something magnificent.

If you really want to add something valuable to the world, then give it your time on a consistent basis and watch it blossom in front of your eyes. You have amazing ideas, there’s no questioning that. Now just add a little structure so that you can start finishing your projects.

The world needs more creativity, so if you’re someone who constantly comes up with great ideas, then start doing something about it!

Organize your life so that you can share your gifts with the world.

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