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The world is full of dreamers. Look around you and you’ll find there are plenty of people who spend a lot of time and money reading business and branding books or signing up to attend intensive retreats and motivational seminars.

But let’s be honest: Even while these books, seminars, and articles may contain useful information, many of those who put in the effort to “get motivated” still don’t find the success they want.

Many times, it’s because of one simple (yet often overlooked) fact: They turn others off. If you’re one of those folks doing “everything right” and still not getting where it is you want to go, you may want to consider how you’re coming across to those around you.

Here are five ways to immediately polish your presence:

1. Carry Yourself With Grace

What exactly does this mean? Let’s look at three dictionary definitions of the word for a clue:

  1. Smoothness and elegance of movement
  2. Courteous good will
  3. Bring honor or credit to (someone or something) by one’s attendance or participation

We live in a world where it seems dated to walk around with a gentle demeanor and a quiet pride. Do it anyway. When you carry yourself with the characteristics listed above, you stand out in a sea of self-congratulatory navel-gazers and those with brash, aggressive (and often misinformed) opinions. Walk, talk, and work with dignity, accountability, and dedication, and you’ll get more than attention—you’ll gain respect.

2. Respect Those Around You

This sounds like a filler phrase, but this extension of point number one couldn’t be more valid.

Respecting others makes room for the appreciation of their presence, wisdom, and right to be a human being making mistakes and learning lessons at their own pace. When you help to create a space where others can exist without feeling bullied or rejected, it shows that you recognize where you end and they begin. Remember this when you’re in a position of power and when you’re faced with a person who’s testing your patience.

Showing respect doesn’t mean that you approve of every behavior or agree with every statement. It simply means that you don’t allow your ego (or theirs) to strip your dignity away. There is power in not having to prove you’re right in every situation, even when you are.

3. Rock Those Details

It’s time to take some time to think about your personal brand as a person and professional. I don’t care how smart, skilled, or charming you are—if you look, write, speak, or follow-up like a slob, you’re going to turn people off. If you’re lazy and don’t carry your weight, no one will want to work with or vouch for you.

What message are your clothes sending? How do your emails and texts read? Do you go the extra mile without being asked? Do you sound confident or timid when you speak? Are your sentences clear or stuffed with filler words? How do you greet and follow-up with people?

The more you think about the way people experience interactions with you (from start to finish), the more control you’ll have over your reputation, relationships, and career.

4. Don’t Assume Others “Have it Easy”

I once found myself talking with an athlete at the SNL studio where he was hosting. The night before, we’d gone out and dozens of people approached him with a look of total adoration in their eyes.

He was clearly appreciative of his status as a revered athlete—it seemed glamorous. But he told me about some issues he was having in his personal life that could have been voiced by anyone else in my social circle.

The lesson I learned was that it was easy to glorify those who “make it” and assume that their lives are smoother, more fun, and less stressful simply because they’ve had certain wins we ache to experience. We’re all working hard every day to achieve or maintain accomplishments that are meaningful (and lucrative) for us.

5. Deal With Life Like a Boss

Even when you don’t sweat the small stuff, life isn’t always going to be a smooth ride. How you deal while on the bumpier parts of that ride will impact everything from your health and wellbeing to your reputation and your relationships with those around you.

Plan ahead, stay flexible, and never lose your grit. Be willing to jump in and do what needs to be done to move things into a better direction, and do your best to keep the tone low and steady, the gaze on the prize, and know that the only thing hitting that red panic button will do is shut everything down.

This article was originally published on Inc. It has been republished here with permission.