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According to Jessica Pryce-Jones, author of Happiness at Work: Maximizing Your Psychological Capital for Success, happy people have 180% more energy than their peers, and they are 155% happier at work. They are also 150% happier with their lives and scored 50% higher in motivation than their peers. And, lastly, she found that happy people are 50% more productive!

Perhaps the search for career and life success really does come from simply being happy. Want to be happier even when life throws you curveballs? Read on to see how you can join the ranks of happy people.

1. Express Gratitude

Spend at least a little bit of each day letting someone know how much you care about them. When it comes to being grateful, showing a little appreciation goes a long way. What’s more, expressing gratitude usually means getting some in return—receiving gratitude makes you happy. So, don’t be shy about being thankful—it’ll bring you more joy in the end.

2.Speak Highly of Others

Trash talking is one of the most toxic habits of all time. Break the habit—don’t let yourself indulge in such an uncomfortable, unhappy hobby. Talking poorly about others behind their backs simply makes you look and feel like the bad guy. It doesn’t matter how much you do or do not like a person. Here, the golden rule reigns supreme: If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

3. Surround Yourself With Inspiration

Inspiration is something that can be found in people and places—or simply by accomplishing the things you do daily. Whether it is a beautiful piece of art, an invigorating friendship, or a beautiful landscape, make sure to immerse yourself in the things that stir your heartstrings. Your brain and soul will thank you with a deep-felt happiness.

4. Eat Well

Although we often put little thought into what we will consume each day, our diet actually plays a huge role in our well-being. When we consume bad foods, we usually end up feeling unhappy about our bodies and a little—or a lot—disappointed in ourselves. Treating our bodies well, with both proper food and exercise, is a surefire way to start infusing happiness into our daily lives.

5. Be Honest

There’s nothing more fulfilling than the knowledge that you are being 100% authentic. Being genuine is, without a doubt, the one thing that the happiest people do often. Even if the rewards aren’t immediate, the clarity of conscience and mind that accompanies being unapologetically yourself reward you with internal happiness that projects out to the world.

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Updated 6/19/2020