We know, one of the highlights of working in an office is the food—donuts at the coffee counter, catered lunches at team meetings, and cake for, well, every occasion possible.

Seem like you can’t get enough? Maybe that’s the inspiration behind the crop of foodie desk accessories we’ve recently discovered that let you nibble on your favorite snacks (or at least look at them) all day long, from the comfort of your cube. No trips to the kitchen required!

So when you see your cubemate with his pens in a pita or his Post-its on a slice of bread—just remember, you saw it here first.

1. Toasted Notes

Post-it notes are pretty much the best thing since sliced bread, right? Well, now you can put the two together by decorating your desk with this, um, mouth-watering fake bread note holder.


2. Dine Ink

Don’t you hate wasting time putting down your pen in order to take a bite of lunch? Thanks to these pen caps, you can alternate between notes and noshing with the flip of your wrist. (Chance of getting pasta on your expense report or ink on your face? 95%.)

Dine Ink

3. Mmmvelopes

Who likes sending memos? No one. Who sending bacon-flavored memos? Now you’re talking! Get ready to fill your colleagues' mailboxes with some snail mail, because every lick of this envelope will fill your mouth with salty bacon goodness. (You know, because we’re sure it tastes just like the real thing.)


4. Pita Pencil Pouch

Why settle for a boring cup when you could tuck your writing utensils neatly into this pita pouch? Bonus: Tom the lunch thief will get quite the surprise when he mistakes it for a sandwich.

Pencil Case

5. Keyboard Plate

When it comes to eating at your desk, it takes entirely too much effort to lift your hands from the computer keyboard to dig into your bag of popcorn. Not only does this ingenious desk-topper ensure you’ll never have to reach for your snacks again—it looks super classy, too.

Keyboard Plate