Have you ever heard something in a Meredith Grey voiceover that stayed with you? Or maybe you’ve responded to a friend's promotion by saying “With great power comes great responsibility”—and then, later, realized you were quoting Spider-Man?

You’re not alone. I quote fictional scholars all the time. And while my colleagues would probably appreciate it if I didn’t quote entire scenes from Friends as frequently as I do in important meetings, sometimes a quote from Dumbledore is all you need to get through the rest of a long work week. Thankfully, our friends at Visual.ly pulled together the infographic below.

Believers: It’s time to enjoy some classic Ferris Bueller and Star Wars wisdom (among a few other notables). Skeptics: Just try to read through this list and not feel inspired.

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Infographic courtesy of Visual.ly. Photo of Dumbledore courtesy of Comic Vine.

Updated 6/19/2020