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4 Pop Playlists to Pump Up Your Productivity

We could all use a little pick-me-up when we’re at the office, especially during times when we need to be as productive as possible.

Turns out, music is proven to release dopamine, a chemical that gives you that rewarding feeling you get after winning a jackpot or finishing a race, and that sensation to make you a productivity machine in the office. And while some people turn to classical music to get in the zone, having a little more fun with your playlist every once and a while is awesome, too.

Need a boost? We’ve created four pop playlists to help you get through some of your work tasks as efficiently as possible.

1. For Answering Email

Have 30 unread emails sitting in your inbox? Feel free to listen to this playlist to get pumped up. The challenge is that the playlist is 60 minutes long, so see if you can get through all of those emails in an hour or less.

2. For Working on a Tight Deadline

Have a deadline you need to reach in the next half hour? Plug in this fast-moving playlist to reach your maximum level of efficiency before turning your assignment in.

3. For a Slow Morning

We’ve all been there: it’s eight in the morning and you can barely lift your arm up to pour a cup of coffee. Yikes. This playlist is meant to ease you into productivity (so no heavy metal music here!) and have you up and ready to work in 30 minutes or less.

4. For Mindless Work

Whether you’re filing actual folders or organizing a Google spreadsheet, this playlist is meant to keep you moving as you tackle the most mundane tasks in the office.

Tell us! What songs are on your personal productivity playlist?

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