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We know that job searching can be tough. That's why we always strive to make it easier for you. Below, we've compiled a list of 29 amazing companies that are all hiring now.

Read on, get your resume in order, and score a new job in no time.

1. GSK

GSK company profile
GSK culture
Working at GSK

GSK dedicates itself to creating a healthier population the whole world over by researching and developing a broad range of innovative products in pharmaceutical, vaccine, and consumer healthcare arenas. The company boasts commercial operations in more than 150 countries, as well as 89 manufacturing sites and R&D centers in the UK, US, and Belgium.

At GSK, management aims to support, mentor, and personally develop every employee. Relationships are established as soon as a new employee joins the team, and each person finds they are able to get as much out of the company as they are willing to put into it. GSK finds that this philosophy creates a sense of ownership, accountability, and responsibility.

2. Target

Target company profile
Target culture
Working at Target

Target is one of the world’s most recognized and well-loved brands. The guest-obsessed retail giant is highly regarded as a preferred shopping destination and well known for its commitment to responsible corporate citizenship and community support. But Target’s success is rooted in its willingness to adapt to an evolving marketplace, embrace new trends and technology, and invest in delivering outstanding quality, value and convenience. With its growing suite of in-house brands, emphasis on design and affordability, and innovative fulfillment options, it’s no wonder Target continues to excel as one of America’s leading retailers.

Target’s focus on technology extends well beyond corporate headquarters. Giving back to the greater tech community is also a priority. Target hosts a variety of monthly meetups to discuss new software platforms and trends and share lessons learned with the local tech community. The company also offers programs for groups typically underrepresented in technology, data, and engineering fields. For example, their exclusive Engineering Manager Immersion Program offers on-the-job leadership training to African Americans and women interested in advancing their tech careers.

3. State of Connecticut

State of Connecticut company profile
State of Connecticut culture
Working at State of Connecticut

Employing thousands of public servants dedicated to providing a safe and thriving environment for Connecticut's inhabitants, the State of Connecticut is studded with numerous educational, cultural, and recreational services that positively impact citizens and businesses. In fulfilling that mission, successful employees at the State of Connecticut enjoy staying in tune with their community, making an impactful contribution to society, and creating a prosperous future for the state.

As the largest and most diversified employer in Connecticut, employees can do almost anything working with the State of Connecticut. Operating in a large range of industries—from biochemistry to information technology, engineering to law enforcement, nursing to social work—it's easy for prospective employees to find a career path that resonates with them.

4. Rheem

Rheem company profile
Rheem culture
Working at Rheem

Not only is Rheem's presence ubiquitous, it's one that can be felt—literally. That’s because Rheem has been making water heaters, AC equipment, furnace appliances, pool and spa heaters, and commercial refrigerators since 1925. With a variety of premium brands in commercial and residential fields, Rheem products are found throughout the world.

Rheem is passionate about innovation in all aspects of the company. Not only are teams on top of new product technologies they can pass on to clients, they’re also on the lookout for new manufacturing possibilities that will streamline production by cutting costs and time. This constant focus on innovation, along with the team's diverse backgrounds and willingness to collaborate, ensure that Rheem continues to advance forward with its products.

5. Atlassian

Atlassian company profile
Atlassian culture
Working at Atlassian

Atlassian builds enterprise software that helps every member of every team and department stay on track, on point, and on top of their game. Atlassian develops products geared towards software developers and project managers, including its first application, JIRA, which helps track issues within a project, making it indispensable to teams around the world.

Atlassian prides itself on core values that illustrate its dedication to getting things done together, in and out of the office. Centered around building with heart, being a team player, and openness with the customer and between team members, these foundational values dictate who Atlassian hires, how it does business, and ultimately, what it creates.

6. Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone OnDemand company profile
Cornerstone OnDemand culture
Working at Cornerstone OnDemand

Recruiting and retaining quality candidates is vitally important to successful businesses the world over, which is why Cornerstone OnDemand is dedicated to providing outstanding talent management to organizations looking to find and develop phenomenal employees. With clients like Walgreens, Starwood Hotels & Resorts, and Xerox, Cornerstone is committed to embracing new technology and continually growing.

Serving over 30 million people in 191 countries and in 43 languages, Cornerstone is dedicated not just to providing outstanding solutions to its clients but also to fostering a healthy culture of collaboration and innovation among its employees. From beach days to marathons to product release parties, Cornerstone cultivates opportunities for employee connection, development, and teamwork.

7. CBS Interactive

CBS Interactive company profile
CBS Interactive culture
Working at CBS Interactive

CBS Interactive carries the entertainment and information torch into the digital age by capitalizing on the company’s tradition of making riveting stories accessible beyond print pages or television screens. The premium content network tops charts as a global Top 10 Web Property, with diverse signature brands that cover everything from entertainment and technology to niche interests and sports.

CBS Interactive knows that every person employed at the company hopes to advance in their profession, not spend their entire career stagnating in a single position. So, with that in mind, the organization offers all kinds of learning opportunities—from workshops to online resources—so that people can grow their skill sets and move up and around within the company.

8. Axon

Axon company profile
Axon culture
Working at Axon

Axon is a network of devices, apps, and dedicated people all providing law enforcement officials the ability to operate in smarter and safer ways. The company’s connected body cameras and evidence management tools allow police officers to work both effectively and transparently, while its TASER Smart Weapons protect life without taking it.

Axon makes a point of hiring people who can be trusted to perform tasks autonomously. Leadership is in place to provide the correct contexts, top tech tools, and extra resources employees might require to complete projects without any red tape or unnecessary bureaucracy getting in the way of the creative process.

9. Smartsheet

Smartsheet company profile
Smartsheet culture
Working at Smartsheet

Smartsheet employees work as one team to reshape the future of how businesses work. Regardless of job title, team members are highly driven, entrepreneurial, and empowered to make an impact by turning great ideas into action. Smartsheet's culture is centered around being and delivering the best, and its employees recognize that their collective success is grounded in commitment and respect—for each other and the company's customers.

Smartsheet employees are known to be self-starters who are ready to work hard and drive results. Because the organization is growing and operates at such a fast pace, it's also important for employees to be innovative and willing to challenge the status quo by bringing new ideas to the table. Well thought out ideas are not only welcome at Smartsheet, but embraced. And, those ideas are valued, regardless of whether you're a tenured employee or brand new to the team.

10. CapTech

CapTech company profile
CapTech culture
Working at CapTech

CapTech is a national technology and management consulting firm that partners with some of the world's most successful companies to design, develop, and manage technical and digital solutions that delight customers, drive insights, and meet strategic objectives. CapTech has a passion for driving innovation and growth for its clients. Its collaborative approach delivers custom solutions that maximize the impact of client investments.

CapTech aims to bridge the gap between business and technology by bringing expert consultants to every engagement in order to develop a deep understanding of the goals and assets unique to each client. This hands-on approach fosters a trusting relationship with clients—it’s one of the reasons CapTech is continuously on the Inc. 500/5000 list.

11. Procore Technologies

Procore Technologies company profile
Procore Technologies culture
Working at Procore Technologies

Procore started as a software solution to the real-life problems Procore’s CEO encountered during the construction of his family’s home. From that beginning, Procore has grown to be the provider of the most widely used construction management software in the industry. Procore serves clients around the world, furnishing them with cloud-based software that increases efficiency—and profitability.

One of the first things Procore employees often mention is the location of the company headquarters—upon a picturesque bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Beyond that picturesque perk, Procore employees really value their sense of community connection, as exemplified in the genuine friendships among their teams and their shared feeling of personal investment in the company.

12. KDM Engineering

KDM Engineering company profile
KDM Engineering culture
Working at KDM Engineering

Owned and founded by a female electrical engineer, KDM Engineering set out to create the best primary distribution design and project management firm the Chicago area had ever seen. The organization aims to set itself apart in attention to detail, top-notch customer service, and on-time, under-budget deliveries, all by continuing to develop a team of diverse and experienced engineers.

KDM Engineering strives to create a working atmosphere where employees can thrive on their own stress-free accord. The company believes that in the new age and style of working culture, a laid-back office space equals higher productivity, and higher productivity equals more confident employees—who complete projects with more impressive results.

13. CarGurus

CarGurus company profile
CarGurus culture
Working at CarGurus

CarGurus believes a transparent car shopping experience is better for shoppers and sellers alike, and more than 20 million unique monthly visitors to the site and mobile app agree. Headquartered outside Boston, CarGurus blends the feel of a startup with proven business acumen and sustainable growth. The team’s passion for data drives new product development and engineering breakthroughs.

Many employees consider the management style of CarGurus a breath of fresh air because it falls outside of the typical “corporate” mold. It’s supportive, readily available, and hands-on. Senior management is open and accessible, and trusts employees to do their best without micromanagement. The flexibility and personal investment from employees fosters a community atmosphere.

14. Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks company profile
Palo Alto Networks culture
Working at Palo Alto Networks

At Palo Alto Networks, employees are winning the battle against cybersecurity threats. The organization drives an innovative vision of prevention different from anywhere else—forcing the industry, and the world, to change the way it thinks about protection. With a culture that embraces authenticity, collaboration, and ground-breaking innovation, the team at Palo Alto Networks is unlike any other in the world as it protects the digital way of life.

Palo Alto Networks strives to ensure that every new engineer they bring on board is as prepared as possible for the projects ahead. The company has even designed its own onboarding program—The Professional Services Academy—where each new associate participates in a six week course that teaches best practices for being on the ground with customers and how to share knowledge with others in an effective way.

15. Backcountry

Backcountry company profile
Backcountry culture
Working at Backcountry

Backcountry’s mission is to connect people with their passions by offering carefully selected, premium gear and apparel that empowers modern adventure. Employees are avid skiers, campers, hikers, mountain bikers, climbers, and much more, and they use this firsthand knowledge to outfit customers and to inspire them to get outdoors.

With the great outdoors just a wall away, a typical day at Backcountry has to include outside activity. From company ski trips to biking excursions, Backcountry brings the outdoors into the everyday. In the office, employees bring their dogs to work and are encouraged to share their passions—this company proves that work-life balance is possible.

16. Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters company profile
Thomson Reuters culture
Working at Thomson Reuters

Thomson Reuters is a trusted provider of essential news, information and tools to the professionals who make the world work. Customers of Thomson Reuters operate in complex arenas that move society forward – tax, law, compliance, government, and media. In a disruptive digital age, they help professionals reinvent themselves.

Thomson Reuters strives to build a culture that fosters and enables innovation. Recognizing that creativity and democratic environments go hand in hand, employees at every level of the organization are encouraged to contribute their own ideas, and the company allocates resources and funding to inspire entrepreneurship from within.

17. Seagull Scientific

Seagull Scientific company profile
Seagull Scientific culture
Working at Seagull Scientific

Seagull Scientific has always done one thing—and has done it exceptionally well. Its BarTender® software transforms information into the labels, barcodes, RFID tags, smartcards, and documents that drive business. BarTender helps customers around the world enable safety, security, efficiency, and compliance through easy, powerful design, fast and accurate printing on demand, comprehensive system control, straightforward integration, and legendary technical support. Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, with branch offices in Madrid, Taipei, and Tokyo, Seagull Scientific's software is used in more than 150 countries and across virtually every industry. Seagull's employees are helpful, knowledgeable, curious, driven, and responsible.

From CEO to new hire, the people at Seagull Scientific all take a genuine interest in getting to know one another. Fun social events are a large part of the company culture. Colleagues from across every department enjoy getting the chance to socialize, meet new people, get to know each other better, and discuss common interests ranging from sports to quantum physics.

18. Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports company profile
Consumer Reports culture
Working at Consumer Reports

Every day, in every job, the team at CR makes a difference for consumers and society. Whether by testing products in its labs or cars on the track, exposing scams through fearless investigations, or advocating for policies that serve and protect consumers' interests, CR makes an impact on people's lives. A trusted independent voice the public can rely on, Consumer Reports continues its tradition of service using the tools of the 21st century—cutting-edge digital technology, sophisticated analytics, and an evidence-based approach to decision-making.

Consumer Reports—or CR—works for truth, transparency and fairness in the marketplace. A trusted source of information, CR uses independent and rigorous research, consumer insights, journalism, and policy and advocacy expertise to inform consumers' purchase decisions, improve products and services, and level the playing field for consumers.

19. Funko

Funko company profile
Funko culture
Working at Funko

Founded in 1998 as a bobblehead company, Funko has grown exponentially over the years, both in mission and in capability, to become the creator of the most ubiquitous and instantly recognizable Pop! collectibles for the most iconic characters from popular culture. With extensive licenses coupled with a massive distribution network, Funko’s future is only getting better.

Funko employees have the special pleasure of being able to spend their time creating products that make people happy. They have the even more rare opportunity to see this in action. With Funko’s presence at major fan conventions, Funko creators get to see first-hand how fans react during premier unveilings of secret products.

20. Schoology

Schoology company profile
Schoology culture
Working at Schoology

Founded in 2009, Schoology is putting collaboration at the heart of the learning experience with an easy-to-use learning management system (LMS) that connects the people, content and systems that fuel education. Millions of students, faculty and administrators from over 60,000 K-12 schools and higher education institutions worldwide use Schoology to advance what is possible in education.
To learn more, check out Schoology on Youtube.

Employees at Schoology describe the office as fast-paced—yet light, relaxing, and positive. On any given day, co-workers can be found riding scooters across the hallways or teams casually chit-chatting or playing games of pool during a social lunch. Even as employees work hard to improve the most difficult challenges of education, they always make quality time to enjoy each other’s company.

21. Sinclair Broadcast Group

Sinclair Broadcast Group company profile
Sinclair Broadcast Group culture
Working at Sinclair Broadcast Group

As one of the largest and most diversified television broadcasting companies in the industry, Sinclair Broadcast Group connects people to content everywhere. With over 80 locations nationwide, Sinclair has affiliations with all of TV’s major networks and has a hand in owning, operating, and providing sales services for more television stations than any other company, in addition to being the leading local news provider in the country.

Sinclair Broadcast Group has a mission is to connect people with content everywhere. The company values truth and honesty, and has been a trusted news source for decades. Working at one of the company's divisions feels like working with family—colleagues and mentors become lifelong friends, and delivering the news becomes a fun, engaging process.

22. Squarespace

Squarespace company profile
Squarespace culture
Working at Squarespace

Squarespace empowers millions of people—from individuals and local artists to entrepreneurs shaping the world’s most iconic businesses—to share their stories and create an impactful, stylish, and easy-to-manage online presence. Squarespace’s team of more than 800 is headquartered in downtown New York City, with offices in Dublin and Portland. To meet the Squarespace Creative Team, click here.

Squarespace supports its customers 24/7 through live chat, email, and help guides. It also conducts weekly live webinars and monthly in-person customer workshops from all of its offices. The team gets to connect with users and provide them with the guidance they need to make the most of the Squarespace platform. It’s a fulfilling way to help out customers, who range from tech-savvy designers to small business owners creating their first ever website.

23. Taboola

Taboola company profile
Taboola culture
Working at Taboola

Taboola, now over 1,400 people globally, is headquartered in New York City with offices in Mexico City, São Paulo, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Tel Aviv, New Delhi, Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, Istanbul, Seoul, Tokyo, and Sydney, and is used by thousands of companies to help over a billion people worldwide discover what’s interesting and new at the moments they’re ready to experience new things. In doing so, we help companies attract, and strengthen, customer relationships.

Along with awesome perks like a catered lunch every Friday and a fun game room where employees can take a break, one of the best parts of Taboola is the great relationships employees have with their managers. At Taboola, managers promote independence, but are always available as a resource whenever teammates need advice—allowing employees to constantly gain feedback and learn valuable skills.


VIZIO company profile
VIZIO culture
Working at VIZIO

Since 2003, VIZIO has brought smart, innovative electronics to life—and to market—so people could experience the things they love with unparalleled quality. Today, the company's top-selling TVs, displays, audio devices, and other consumer electronics continue to align with the brand's mission of creating beautifully simple products that redefine "smart" while putting the consumer first. Beyond delivering innovative and quality electronics, VIZIO is creating career opportunities for engineers to work with a next generation data analytics platform, which is working to collect meaningful data and change how the industry works.

For a multi-billion dollar brand whose name is synonymous with technology and innovation, VIZIO has a collaborative, open, entrepreneurial culture that inspires employees to bring unique ideas to help drive the business forward—and create the best solutions for consumers. The products may be all about technology, but the company is all about its people—demonstrated by the fact that VIZIO promotes from within and encourages cross-functional teamwork.

25. Open Systems Healthcare

Open Systems Healthcare company profile
Open Systems Healthcare culture
Working at Open Systems Healthcare

In 2011, Open Systems Healthcare opened its doors to do things the right way—a mission inspired by the founding team’s experience with lackluster industry standards. Now, as a home health care staffing provider that doesn’t settle for subpar, Open Systems enables people to receive in-home care, skilled nursing, and behavioral services that restore independence and fill the gaps between medical nurses and family caregivers.

Support is the name of the leadership game at Open Systems—and managers are the first to emphasize motivation, goal-setting, and professional development. This top-down approach to helping employees thrive also gets reviewed annually amongst managers. Plus, the company’s well-developed training process and open lines of communication mean staff can focus on taking on new responsibilities and progressing within the company.

26. First Western

First Western company profile
First Western culture
Working at First Western

First Western is a private bank and trust company that delivers holistic wealth planning solutions for a person’s personal, business, and philanthropic needs. The firm’s Colorado, Arizona, California, and Wyoming offices offer comprehensively tailored financial solutions—from investment management and retirement planning to insurance and mortgage services—as well as full access to a team of local experts.

When First Western Trust hires new associates, the company is looking for team members who can fit into the unique culture. First Western’s teams are driven by an understanding of and a commitment to six operating principles. These principles are "Bring our A-game", "Drive success", "Work with purpose", "Seek new solutions", "Act with trust and respect", and "Words matter."

27. DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean company profile
DigitalOcean culture
Working at DigitalOcean

DigitalOcean aims to provide the easiest cloud platform to deploy, manage, and scale applications of any size, removing infrastructure friction and providing predictability so developers and their teams can spend more time building software that customers love. With a a community of 3.5 million developers and 12 data centers across the globe, DigitalOcean has offices in NYC and Cambridge, and remote employees around the world.

DigitalOcean has disrupted the cloud infrastructure market by delighting the developer community with a seamless experience. The company prides itself on building powerful infrastructure to provide customers with the performance and reliability they need to run their applications in production at scale. By providing simple and powerful solutions, DigitalOcean is quickly becoming the infrastructure layer for every software developer in the world.

28. AppNexus

AppNexus company profile
AppNexus culture
Working at AppNexus

AppNexus is an internet technology company that enables and optimizes the real-time sale and purchase of digital advertising. Its powerful, real-time decisioning platform supports core products that enable publishers to maximize yield—and marketers and agencies to harness data and machine learning to deliver intelligent and customized campaigns. Headquartered in New York City, AppNexus employs over 1000 professionals in offices spanning five continents.

Why choose AppNexus? The company’s mission is to make advertising matter. It requires solving big, systemic problems with creativity and agility. They do this by bringing together smart people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and providing them an opportunity to own critical initiatives.

29. BCG Digital Ventures

BCG Digital Ventures company profile
BCG Digital Ventures culture
Working at BCG Digital Ventures

BCG Digital Ventures aims to insert startup-based innovation into the corporate world. The organization creates new profit pools for its corporate partners and transforms corporations into disruptive market forces by reinvigorating their current models with new designs and technology, sophisticated product management, and revolutionary business initiatives.

The people at BCG Digital Ventures are very open about their quirks, whether it’s painting murals, designing electronics, or doing some 3D modeling. Employees also enjoy company-wide jam sessions, countless professional training and development programs, and Diverge Day—an event where employees can connect to the city and explore what goes on at various companies.

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Updated 6/19/2020