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25 Ways to Spring Your Career Forward This Week

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Wenni Zhou/Unsplash

We know—we hate losing an hour of sleep just as much as you do. But something about the clocks jumping forward gets us really excited. Longer days! Warmer weather! Spring is in the air!

If you’re feeling the same pep in your step, why not use it to your professional advantage? We’ve pulled together 25 of our all-time favorite ideas for kicking your career into high gear this season. From tips for upping your networking game to ways to get ready for that next promotion, try a few this week—and get ready to see your career spring forward.

  1. Start building a career advisory board—a go-to group of people you can call upon for advice when you’re facing a major decision or tough situation at work. We like to think of it as your career’s secret weapon. Read More

  2. Start getting comfortable with pressure. In fact, go out of your way to put yourself in uncomfortable situations. When you do this often enough, you’ll be more immune to pressure when you are stress-tested—like in an impromptu meeting with the CEO. Read More

  3. One of the best ways we’ve found to make sure you’re constantly improving? Put a note on your calendar to ask yourself these 15 questions every Friday. Read More

  4. Attend a conference in your industry. (Need ideas? We’ve got 50.) Read More

  5. Increase your LinkedIn cache by asking a trusted colleague or satisfied client to write you a quick recommendation. Read More

  6. Find a new volunteer opportunity—sitting on a board or lending your skills pro bono can be an awesome way to boost your resume quickly. Read More

  7. Be as helpful as you possibly can be at work—even when it’s not your job. We promise: You’ll be shocked at the career-building results. Read More

  8. Learn to code. In today’s world, this skill will help you out, even if you’re never planning to become a developer. Read More

  9. Have a big goal? Practice the art of thinking backward. Successful people, like rocket scientists, define their desired outcome first, then reverse engineer the steps and strides needed to get there. Read More

  10. Consider how you can become the go-to for something at work. While being a jack-of-all trades is definitely needed, the people who perform best always have an area that they truly excel in—one that’s in demand and that nobody else seems to have. Read More

  11. Give yourself a performance review. Sit down and think about what you’ve been doing well and where your weaknesses have been, and then come up with an action plan for how you’re going to overcome them. Read More

  12. Start a career group (sort of like a book club, but infinitely better for your professional life). Read More

  13. Want to get promoted? Ask your boss what 2-3 specific things you need to work on to make that happen—then come up with a plan to over-deliver on them. Whether that’s taking a management class to boost your leadership skills (check out ours at Muse University!) or spending more time building relationships with other departments, make sure that your activities are visible and that your manager notices. Read More

  14. Start keeping a running tally of your achievements—think sales numbers, project results, and awesome client feedback. The next time you have a review or big meeting with your boss, you’ll be glad you did. Read More

  15. Get a daily dose of career inspiration in your Twitter feed by following these experts. Read More

  16. If there’s an area you don’t know much about—like finance, human resources, or supply chain management—introduce yourself to people in that department and ask if you can shadow them for an afternoon to learn a little about what they do on a daily basis. You’ll impress your boss by proving that you’re interested in more than your own responsibilities—but you’ll also understand how other departments work together to contribute to the company’s overall success. Read More

  17. Boost your networking karma by introducing two contacts who could benefit from knowing each other. Yes, networking is all about making connections that will be valuable for you, but sometimes what’s most impressive is someone who helps and connects others when there’s nothing in it for him or her. Read More

  18. Upgrade your elevator speech to something that people will definitely remember. Read More

  19. The most successful people aren’t just smart—they have that certain something that makes others drawn to them. Try these activities to boost your own charisma. Read More

  20. Become insanely more productive by signing up for our Hack Your Work Life class at Muse University. Read More

  21. The more you know about the world, the more you’ll be able to engage in the issues that impact your company and industry. Get up to speed by setting your homepage to a world news site like BBC, having the world news in the background as you get ready for work, or signing up for theSkimm’s daily newsletter. Read More

  22. Start a career journal: At the end of every day, quickly jot down what went well and what you’re looking forward to tackling tomorrow. Read More

  23. Clean your desk. Turns out, it could have a seriously big impact on your productivity. Read More

  24. Give your to-do list a makeover. This simple change in the way you organize your tasks and projects can make a huge difference in you not only being more productive, but also getting ahead at work. Read More

  25. Post one news update on your LinkedIn feed each week. That way, when people look at your profile, you’ll come across as an active participant, and you’ll help build your reputation as an expert in your field. Read More