Sure, connecting with like-minded peers is great, but there’s also a lot to be said for getting to know co-workers from all different backgrounds and walks of life. After all, you not only want to get along with the people you work with—you want to learn something from them too.

These companies see the value in that very thing. They champion diversity and foster a pervasive culture of inclusivity. Their team members always manage to come together—while celebrating all of the things that make them different.

And, the best part? They’re all hiring right now. So, dust off your resume and get ready to add your own story to these awesome and diverse teams.

1. BlackRock

BlackRock company profile
BlackRock culture
Working at BlackRock

BlackRock is the world’s largest asset manager, with a reputation for responsibility, sustainability, and unparalleled investment expertise.

BlackRock’s focus on diversity is deeply embedded in the firm’s culture–and every employee plays a critical role. To meet the needs of its global clients, BlackRock focuses on hiring diverse talent from varied backgrounds. The firm emphasizes inclusivity and promotes supportive, multicultural networks for veterans, women, disabled, and LGBTQ employees—just to name a few.

“For a finance company, we don’t have the typical culture. You’re really able to bring your whole self to work, which I think is amazing. I’m able to express myself in all that I do,” says Lauren Reeves, Analyst, Software Engineer, Aladdin Product Group at BlackRock.

2. Gap Inc.

Gap Inc. company profile
Gap Inc. culture
Working at Gap Inc.

Doris and Don Fisher opened the first Gap store in 1969 with a simple idea—to make it easier to find a pair of jeans and a commitment to do more. Over the last 46 years, the company has grown from a single store to a global fashion business with five brands—Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Athleta, and Intermix. Gap's clothes are available in 90 countries worldwide through 3,300 company-operated stores, almost 400 franchise stores, and e-commerce sites and is still growing.

Gap’s products are diverse, and so is the company’s team. But, these differences are the very thing that brings employees closer together. “The diversity and backgrounds of the people here lend itself to ensuring you have a full experience at work,” shares Angela Rapadas, Director of Customer Success, “We believe in the vision and philosophy of our founders—we all want to do the right thing and act with integrity.”

3. Veterinary Specialty Center

Veterinary Specialty Center company profile
Veterinary Specialty Center culture
Working at Veterinary Specialty Center

Veterinary Specialty Center is a locally-owned, multidisciplinary animal hospital that offers specialty services, emergency and critical care, and rehabilitation services. Management maintains a good relationship with employees, taking into consideration their concerns and suggestions to expand services and invest in state-of-the-art medical equipment to improve medical procedures and outcomes—and to expand employee programs and benefits.

At Veterinary Specialty Center, people from vastly different backgrounds bond over their passion for veterinary medicine and their desire to provide top-quality care for their patients. In this welcoming work environment, employees can feel free to be themselves. “VSC opens their doors to everyone. I know that firsthand because two and a half years ago I came out as transgender to the entire staff and I was greeted with nothing but open arms and support,” shares Corban, Manager of Sterile Processing.

4. Pulte Mortgage

Pulte Mortgage company profile
Pulte Mortgage culture
Working at Pulte Mortgage

Pulte Mortgage’s company culture is centered around a core value system which includes Do the Right Thing, Work as a Unified Team, and Smile Daily—just to name a few. Since 1972, they've enjoyed building relationships with well over half a million families, helping each of them find the right mortgage for their needs. This also means that they recruit and hire employees who are dedicated to making a difference to be part of their Pulte family. To learn more about our parent company take a look at our PulteGroup page.

When it comes to what makes Pulte Mortgage’s culture special, the company’s own team members say it best. “To do well here, just be yourself. Pulte has a great culture, and its culture is really about its people,” says Morgan Billesbach, Product Development Specialist, “The diverse, different, and unique individuals are what we need and who we like to see, especially because they bring a different perspective, fresh ideas, and a new way of thinking.”


HCSC company profile
HCSC culture
Working at HCSC

Health Care Service Corporation is the largest member-owned—and fourth largest overall—health insurer in the U.S., serving Illinois, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas as a licensee of Blue Cross Blue Shield. A purpose-driven community of 22,000 employees serving over 15 million members, HCSC is devoted to a mission of improving lives, health, and care.

HCSC leverages diversity to create an inclusive culture that thrives. Diverse employee groups, that unite talent from all lines of difference to benefit all lines of business, boast high membership engagement and host meaningful events. Employees participate in many volunteer opportunities, including unique interactive programs that support our local communities.

6. Atlassian

Atlassian company profile
Atlassian culture
Working at Atlassian

Atlassian builds enterprise software that helps every member of every team and department stay on track, on point, and on top of their game. Atlassian develops products geared towards software developers and project managers, including its first application, JIRA, which helps track issues within a project, making it indispensable to teams around the world.

Atlassian prides itself on core values that illustrate its dedication to getting things done together. One main focus of the company? An employee-driven initiative to attract more women to work in technical positions. Team members at the company make a special effort to create female mentor rings, reaches out to invite skilled women to speak at educational symposiums, and works to diversify both the speakers and the audience at company conferences.

7. Dropbox

Dropbox company profile
Dropbox culture
Working at Dropbox

Dropbox is a leading global collaboration platform that’s transforming the way people and teams work together. With more than 500 million registered users across 180 countries, Dropbox is on a mission to unleash the world’s creative energy by designing a more enlightened way of working. Dropbox is headquartered in San Francisco, CA, and has 12 offices around the world.

As a company whose mission it is to simplify the way people work together, Dropbox cultivates a rich employee culture that values diversity, hard work, and the creativity to solve problems for millions of creators and innovators around the world. The idea of employees bringing their whole selves to work means team members get to bring their diverse interests and passions to the table, which adds to the already colorful and energetic culture.

8. TransUnion

TransUnion company profile
TransUnion culture
Working at TransUnion

More than a mere credit reporting agency, TransUnion also offers sophisticated data information regarding global risks in order to assist clients in making important business decisions. The organization is committed to providing the most complete and multidimensional information available to more than 500 million customers, at 45,000 companies, in 33 countries around the world.

TransUnion has a diverse group of employees—some have been with the company for years, while others have just joined. In an effort to pass down the knowledge long-time employees have gained over their tenure, new hires are matched with mentors who can help them navigate their new positions and go far within the company.

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Updated 6/24/2021