Here at The Muse, we partner with a lot of great companies to bring you insider looks at their offices and awesome job listings. These employers pay us to be featured on the site, but rest assured that we don't just work with anyone. And when it comes to articles like this, these Muse-worthy brands made this list not because they want to be included, but because their culture, policies, and employee feedback showed us that they deserve to be. Here's to finding the company of your dreams!

All work and no play makes for, well, a pretty boring day.

Fortunately, these 20 companies not only work hard to make big things happen, but they also ensure that employees have fun while doing so.

With brag-worthy perks, awesome traditions, and creative outings, a job with one of these companies means you’ll actually enjoy heading into the office day in and day out.

Sound like a dream? It gets better—they’re all hiring right now.

1. Caesars Entertainment

Caesars Entertainment company profile
Caesars Entertainment culture
Working at Caesars Entertainment

Since its inception more than 70 years ago, Caesars Entertainment Corporation has grown to include branded casino resorts across four continents. Through development, expansion, and acquisition, the group remains focused on building loyalty and bringing value to customers, employees, business partners, and communities by being the most service-oriented, technology-driven, and geographically diversified company in casino entertainment.

Caesars’ very mission is to inspire grownups to play—a philosophy the company lives by in the office as well. With monthly themed celebrations, team outings to fun places (one team recently did an escape room together!), and a culture that employees describe as “work hard, play hard,” Caesars definitely knows how to ensure that team members have a good time.

4. Taboola

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Taboola culture
Working at Taboola

Taboola, now over 1,400 people globally, is headquartered in New York City with offices in Mexico City, São Paulo, Los Angeles, London, Berlin, Madrid, Paris, Tel Aviv, New Delhi, Bangkok, Beijing, Shanghai, Istanbul, Seoul, Tokyo, and Sydney, and is used by thousands of companies to help over a billion people worldwide discover what’s interesting and new at the moments they’re ready to experience new things. In doing so, we help companies attract, and strengthen, customer relationships.

Catered lunches, seasonal celebrations, and Friday afternoon beers—oh my! There’s plenty of awesome perks at this steadily growing company. But, employees say it’s the simple things that keep them smiling. From conversations with smart people over a cup of coffee in the company kitchen to solving complex technical problems, every team member reports finding inspiration in the everyday atmosphere of Taboola.

5. Good Apple

Good Apple company profile
Good Apple culture
Working at Good Apple

Good Apple is a nimble, boutique media agency focused on targeted digital media planning and buying in the independent media marketplace. By establishing deep publisher relationships with clients, the company is able to create innovative and efficient campaigns that integrate analytics, improve results, and draw in the audiences most likely to engage with client brands.

Employees at Good Apple Digital appreciate any occasion for a celebration, and, over the years, they’ve been known to put together a number of creative holiday activities. From taking themed team photos to creating holiday music videos to hosting formal black tie galas, the Good Apple Digital office loves getting together and making unforgettable memories.

6. Bonobos

Bonobos company profile
Bonobos culture
Working at Bonobos

Bonobos was created to help men find pants with the perfect fit. Now the menswear company provides a full collection of clothing for men of all builds and preferences. With award-winning customer service ninjas, free shipping both ways, and Guideshops nationwide, Bonobos simplifies the online shopping experience—making the search for the perfect fit painless.

If you've longed for your childhood days spent at summer camp, you're sure to love Bonobos' company retreat. Every fall, employees head to Camp Bonobos—a two-day retreat in the mountains of New Hampshire. Camp Bonobos is like an adult Field Day where everyone sleeps in bunk houses—without internet or cell phone service. It’s the perfect time for employees to unplug and create relationships with people they don’t normally interact with.

8. Synapse

Synapse company profile
Synapse culture
Working at Synapse

Synapse is a product development consultancy fueled by a mission to drive innovation for clients and introduce cutting-edge devices that positively impact consumers' lives. Synapse offers both the expertise and the services necessary to develop products that transform brands and accelerate advances in technology.

Although the adventures now transcend physical activity or even a particular day of the week, inter-office organized events are still known as Thursday Actives. From cook-offs, museum visits, and bowling to ball games, intramural sports, and foodbank volunteering, employee participation always averages 80%. Synapsters find these events a fun way to get to know one another from a completely different perspective.

9. Backcountry

Backcountry company profile
Backcountry culture
Working at Backcountry

Backcountry’s mission is to connect people with their passions by offering carefully selected, premium gear and apparel that empowers modern adventure. Employees are avid skiers, campers, hikers, mountain bikers, climbers, and much more, and they use this firsthand knowledge to outfit customers and to inspire them to get outdoors.

With the great outdoors just a wall away, a typical day at Backcountry obviously has to include some outside activity. From company ski trips to biking excursions, Backcountry brings the outdoors into the everyday. In the office, employees even bring their dogs to work and are always encouraged to share their passions.

11. Vanguard

Vanguard company profile
Vanguard culture
Working at Vanguard

Vanguard is changing the way the world invests. Because when you invest with courage, clarity, and care, you have the chance to get so much more in return. Vanguard invests with purpose–and that’s how they’ve become a global market leader. They grow by doing the right thing for the people they serve. They want to make success accessible to everyone. This is your opportunity, and Vanguard wants to help you make it count.

Think a career with an investment organization means boring days spent sitting at your desk? Think again. As an extra perk, the Vanguard fitness centers offer crew members the chance to play a seasonal intramural sport. From volleyball to soccer and softball, co-workers enjoy the opportunity to get together after work, participate in some heart-healthy fun, and get to know one another on a more personal level outside the office.

13. 540

540 company profile
540 culture
Working at 540

What if government agencies delivered technology solutions with cutting edge capabilities that wowed customers? That’s the question has been answering since 2013 through full-stack development for federal clients. The team of tech geeks and consultants aims to inject a Silicon Valley mentality into the Department of Defense and beyond—without getting stale on the way.

There’s no shortage of action around the office, because team members constantly buzz from one client site to another. To keep people on the same page, 540 holds a monthly gathering to sync up over lunch—and a fun field trip follows. Aside from regular volunteering and team-building activities, the crew also prides itself on its signature API cocktail—reserved for special occasions.

16. Bridgestone Americas

Bridgestone Americas company profile
Bridgestone Americas culture
Working at Bridgestone Americas

Bridgestone Americas, or BSA—and its subsidiaries around the world—develop, manufacture, and market a wide range of tires, air springs, roofing materials, and industrial fibers and textiles for private and commercial customers in the automotive, agricultural, forestry, and mining industries. BSA also operates the world’s largest chain of automotive tire and service centers.

While there’s no shortage of fun in the office, it’s the emphasis on recognition that employees love most about working for Bridgestone Americas. This time for celebration not only keeps team members motivated, but also helps to solidify the supportive bonds they form in the office. “My department keeps a weekly reminder on our calendar to take time and recognize our teammates’ hard work,” shares Jeffrey Freeman, Digital Media Manager.

18. PrintFleet

PrintFleet company profile
PrintFleet culture
Working at PrintFleet

In PrintFleet’s earliest days, it existed under the umbrella of a toner manufacturing company. However, tracking demand and analyzing key device metrics with software shaped the company into what it is today—the first to offer rapid assessments and a comprehensive remote print monitoring application. The company's rapidly growing data-driven offerings are recognized as industry-leading solutions in the print management arena.

Though PrintFleet encourages time away from the office to maintain adequate work-life balance, fun team-building activities are still a regular occurrence—including an annual golf tournament, game days, and the occasional white-water rafting trip. Even when the group stays in, card games during breaks or lunch-and-learns keep morale high.

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