Do you know those people who love their jobs so much, they seem to bounce into the office each and every morning with smiles on their faces and springs in their steps?

No? Well, we know exactly where you can find them: at one of these 20 amazing companies.

That’s right—these places are so awesome, the people who work there are genuinely excited to head into work day in and day out. If you want to feel that same way, submit an application to join these happy teams. Before you know it, you’ll be looking forward to Monday. Gasp!

3. Kargo

Kargo company profile
Kargo culture
Working at Kargo

Big ideas for small screens. That's how Kargo helps brands break through—by fusing creativity, technology, and quality to design brilliant custom experiences and deliver them at scale across the world's best editorial sites and apps. The company's campaigns are award-winning, the technology is game changing, and the performance is industry-leading.

At Kargo, the company social life calendar is just as packed as the business agenda. From Thanksgiving potlucks and impromptu happy hours to movie nights and bowling outings, the team enjoys being together both in and out of the office—which translates into a pretty awesome culture.

“Man, the culture is everything here. It’s a resounding thing—to know that all these special, talented people actually care about you,” says Neal Modi, VP of Finance and Business Operations.

4. Synapse

Synapse company profile
Synapse culture
Working at Synapse

Synapse is a product development consultancy fueled by a mission to drive innovation for clients and introduce cutting-edge devices that positively impact consumers' lives. Synapse offers both the expertise and the services necessary to develop products that transform brands and accelerate advances in technology.

Employees at Synapse love coming to work. And it's easy to see why with leadership that emphasizes mentorship over management and tons of amazing employee events—including a company-wide camping trip—all of Synapse’s team members genuinely enjoy the work they do, as well as who they do it with.

9. Andela

Andela company profile
Andela culture
Working at Andela

Founded in 2014, Andela is a network of technology leaders dedicated to advancing human potential. By seeking out and supporting top software developers across Africa, Andela not only creates career opportunities in an untapped market, but also helps companies compile high-performing engineering teams for the future. With a slight twist on traditional employee acquisition initiatives, Andela is able to simultaneously stimulate tech industry ecosystems and solve the growing global tech talent shortage.

Andela encourages team members to ask anything, learn a new skill, troubleshoot a project, and get critical feedback in an open and supported environment. And, the company’s leadership definitely recognizes the importance of balancing hard work with a lot of fun play.

“We are passionate people who get a lot done during the day—and have a lot of fun,” says Andela’s COO and co-founder.

10. Cello Health Insight

Cello Health Insight company profile
Cello Health Insight culture
Working at Cello Health Insight

Founded in 1983 in London, Cello Health Insight has become the global market research arm of the larger Cello Health Group. Drawing on wide resources, Cello Health Insight devises research initiatives for clients, providing a multi-lensed perspective to find the best approaches to the complex and evolving challenges at the cutting edge of healthcare.

Looking for a rewarding career? Look no further than Cello Health Insight. With its central role providing research and solutions to pharmaceutical companies throughout the world, this company’s recommendations can shape major policies and change lives.

And, that means employees always feel challenged by their projects—but, they also truly love their work. “We never get bored in our work, there’s always something new to learn—there’s always something new to explore,” explains Cello Health Insight’s CEO.

11. Convene

Convene company profile
Convene culture
Working at Convene

Convene designs and services premium places to work, meet, and host inspiring events. Through strategic partnerships with prominent commercial landlords, Convene operates a network of hospitality-driven locations in Class A office buildings across major U.S. cities, with plans to expand globally. Convene has raised $260M in equity funding to date, and has been named one of America’s 100 Most Promising Companies by Forbes and a Best Workplace by both Inc. and Fortune Magazine.

Since Convene employees work across a number of venues and aren’t always in the same offices at the same times, the company makes it a priority to plan team activities where people can bond and blow off steam. Together, they volunteer to cycle for cancer charities, form intramural sports teams, and participate in an annual office baseball game.

That makes for a motivated, collaborative, and well-bonded team of employees who genuinely enjoy getting awesome things accomplished together. As Convene’s Human Resources Manager explains, “Everyone here has a very different personality, and all those different perspectives really lend themselves to our productivity.”

13. The Predictive Index

The Predictive Index company profile
The Predictive Index culture
Working at The Predictive Index

At the core of The Predictive Index’s "THREADS" philosophy—teamwork, honesty, reliability, energy, action, drive, and scope—is the idea that understanding people is the key to unlocking their potential, and the key to understanding is behavioral assessment. A company with over 60 years of data and expertise, The Predictive Index was acquired by former clients in 2014 and is busy expanding its research, reach, and capabilities.

The Predictive Index’s employees describe this company as a fun and welcoming place to work. And, as an organization that specializes in behavioral assessments, The Predictive Index definitely knows how to find the right, enthusiastic fit for the company’s open positions.

“People are excited to be here—they’re excited to be in their roles. They’ve been screened behaviorally whether they knew it or not when they came in here—for fit. So we’re highly confident that they’re the right fit for their specific role,” explains Mike Zani, CEO.

16. Goosehead Insurance

Goosehead Insurance company profile
Goosehead Insurance culture
Working at Goosehead Insurance

Founded in 2003, Goosehead Insurance is changing the face of the insurance industry, making the search for great coverage a piece of cake. As one of the largest independent U.S. insurance agencies, Goosehead is committed to finding the best possible coverage and rates—and because it works simultaneously with different carriers, Goosehead finds clients multiple options and excellent deals.

Goosehead Insurance is incredibly invested in employee success. With team huddles every week and one-on-one review sessions twice each month, employees continuously have the opportunity to ask important questions and improve performance.

“Goosehead takes a genuine interest in you succeeding and cares about your personal and professional development as a whole,” explains Jacqueline Franco, Service Agent. Knowing that leadership is in their corner makes for some happy, satisfied, and excited employees.

18. iProspect

iProspect company profile
iProspect culture
Working at iProspect

iProspect is the world's leading digital performance marketing agency—driving client business performance. As online industries quickly expand into all areas of everyday life, iProspect's award-winning experts know that each tweet, each status update, and each video is a potential customer touch point—and the company dedicates itself to developing the most effective strategies for clients in every market.

Creating an atmosphere that all employees enjoy is a top priority for the company—and it shows throughout the office. The iProspect culture is casual and comfortable and, according to employees, on any given day activities might include five to 10 dogs roaming from desk to desk, a few spiked milkshakes, or even the occasional lunchtime lip-sync battle.

Warmed up and ready to show off your skills? You know what to do.

20. Signpost

Signpost company profile
Signpost culture
Working at Signpost

Founded in 2010, Signpost's automated technology helps small businesses maximize marketing. Named one of America's Most Promising Companies by Forbes, and ranked a Top Workplace by The Austin American Statesman and Crain's New York, Signpost's marketing engine captures consumer calls, emails, and data to build loyal, valuable relationships between business owners and customers.

The team at Signpost is incredibly passionate about the things they work on and the progress they’re making. “Passion—that’s the common denominator for everyone on the Signpost team,” adds Alex Moffitt, Sales Executive. “It’s in the product, on the sales floor, and in our clients. It’s what gets us up in the morning.”

That drive and passion has led to explosive growth for Signpost—which is thrilling for the company, but even more exhilarating for employees. As Signpost’s Lead Sales Manager, James Curcio, explains, “The time I’ve spent at Signpost is sure to be one of the most exciting professional experiences I will ever have.”

Photo of happy colleagues courtesy of Hero Images/Getty Images.

Updated 6/19/2020