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18 Totally WTF Interview Questions You're Lucky You'll Never Have to Answer

woman in an awkward interview

I can think of exactly nobody who enjoys the interview process. It’s a frustrating, make-or-break meeting that causes even the most confident people to break a sweat and fumble their words. There are just so many unpredictable factors. Too much that you can’t control or account for no matter how hard you prep.

Sure, you could familiarize yourself with the most commonly asked interview questions, but nowhere in the rule book does it say that your interviewer must stick within those limits. And yes, you can research the role and the company until you know more about it than half of its current employees, but you still might fall short of acing it. Depending on the hiring manager’s mood, the vibe of the day, or the three interviews before you, there’s often no telling how the meeting will go.

Because we understand how brutal the process can be, we’re really grateful to be able to laugh at some of the WTF questions that popped up on Twitter recently. So, whether you’re about to be in the hot seat, are fending off memories of your last nerve-wracking job search, or are in the process of trying to line up those necessary but often evil meetings, this round up of the #BestInterviewQuestions ought to at least be good for a laugh:

You’d be wildly unlucky to actually be asked any of these, but hopefully they’ll make you appreciate the more standard interview questions you’re used to. Now you tell me on Twitter, what’s the weirdest interview question you’ve ever been asked? Does it compare to any of the above nonsense?

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