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18 Items That'll Make it Feel Like Summer Inside (Sunburn Not Included)

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I get it: It can be difficult to stay inside your work building all day long with sunshine and ice cream beckoning you outside 24/7. And there’s always fun to be had. If it’s not a perfect picnic day, there’s always something else, like a free concert in the park or a really early happy hour down the street. Seriously, you can never catch a break—or enough while still getting all your tasks done, that is.

Luckily, we found 18 items to bring the feeling of warmth and happiness right into the office and make it bearable (if not, dare I say, actually enjoyable) to be working inside. As long as you have some of these summery items at the ready on your desk, it’ll be smooth sailing with productivity in tow.

1. SIC Travel Tumbler, $25

With this stainless steel tumbler that keeps drinks seriously cold for hours, you can have a sip of refreshing ice water (or any other fun summer beverage) any time of day.

2. koji Ice Popsicle Molds, $13

Make some cold, delicious popsicles for you and your co-workers right in your office freezer! It’ll be sure to score you some awesome points among your peers, and to cool you down on a super hot day.

3. Tina Crespo Salt Water Cure Art Print, $26

Longing for a few nice waves? You can still catch them inside with this beautiful image of the seashore placed right on your desk.

4. Blue Summer Sky Candle, $16.50

Bring the sweet scent of blue skies and clear ocean water to your desk with this awesome candle. Just, um, make sure to ask your office manager first if you’re allowed to light it up.

5. Mini Block Planter & Succulent, $27

Bring some green into your work environment with a stunning (and low maintenance) desk plant. Bonus fact: Certain plants aren’t just pretty, but they’re also good for you.

6. Pineapple To-Go Sipper Cup, $8

Make every drink feels poolside (and show off your quirky personality and chill attitude) with this cool pineapple sipper.

7. Magic Hour Agenda, $28

Daydream about your next vacation (or even kick it into action!) with this neat planner—featuring an endlessly radiant sunset on its cover.

8. Beach Print, $18

Brighten up your space with this print, or browse around for any of the other amazing illustrations available on the site.

9. Aloha Pineapple Stress Ball, $9

Feeling a little anxious about being holed up inside? Don’t worry, you can let out your steam with this summer-themed stress ball.

10. Tropical Flowers Crew Socks, $4

With these socks, you can easily show off your fun side or, if you’re in an office with a stricter dress code, get a thrill from keeping it to yourself. (To each their own thrills, you know?)

11. Solar Flower Decor, $8

Ever wanted to be one of those hip people with those flowers that dance in the sunlight? Well, here’s your chance.

12. Field Notes Notebooks, $16

Just because you’re not outside all day long doesn’t mean you can’t still treat your day like an adventure. And this notebook will be sure to help you feel like it is!

13. Let the Sunshine In Poster, $18

Stay bright and positive by getting this inspirational poster and using it to motivate you on those tougher days inside.

14. Water Mouse Pad, $10

Maybe you can’t be taking a dip in the middle of the day, but at least you can brighten up your desk and say that your mouse did!

15. Tropical Glam Banana Leaf Laptop Sleeve, $36

Escape to a tropical paradise—every time you need to travel back-and-forth with your laptop.

16. Mini Zen Garden, $12

So, you can’t stick your toes in the sand. No big deal, because brushing through this calming white sand will have you feeling better about that in a jiffy (at least for a few minutes).

17. Water Color Summer Ice Creams Phone Case, $40

There’s a whole summer collection of phone cases to check out—which is great, since you’re probably staring at this thing all day anyways.

18. Palm Tree Mug, $13

Love palm trees in the sunshine? Here’s a mug to bring some of that love inside your office.