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14 Great Co-worker Gifts That Are All Under $20

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Sure, you may still be eating leftovers from Thanksgiving—but believe it or not, it’s already that magical time of the year when you open your wallet and give away all your money via gifts.

There’s bound to be a co-worker or two you feel you should get a present for this season—whether it’s because your office is holding a gift exchange, or because you share the same cubicle, or because you really just like them.

But choosing what to get for someone you may not know very well can be tough, so let us help you out! Below are 14 cheap gifts for co-workers of all personalities—all for $20 or less.

1. Celestial Heat Reactive Mug, $16

Even if your office generously provides a coffee mug or two, you know they all mysteriously disappear just when you need that cup to get you through the rest of the day. So give one to your co-worker so they never have to deal with that problem ever, ever again.

Like the mug idea, but not necessarily this one? Say no more. Here are more coffee mugs to choose from.

2. Eucalyptus and Spearmint Body Lotion, $13.50

The air in office environments can get stale, so save someone from dry hands this winter with this stress-relief body lotion. It’s the perfect size to fit in a drawer and classy enough to keep on top of a desk.

3. YAY! Stemless Wine Glass, $12

Because who would drink out of the office’s disposable cups when this is an option instead?

4. Bright Ideas Journal, $14.95

Everyone’s thoughts deserve a special place, and this could be the perfect one for your co-worker. Just remind them that you deserve credit for any brilliant ideas your CEO loves that start in this notebook—kidding, kinda.

Here are some other awesome notebooks we recommend checking out.

5. Cat Lover Magnetic Poetry Kit, $12.95

Sure, dogs are man’s best friend, but what cats may lack in loyalty and unconditional love they make up for with humor—on the internet. In the purrrfect scenario, your recipient will put these magnets on the communal office fridge at work so you can benefit from them, too.

6. Fantastic Cities: A Coloring Book of Amazing Places Real and Imagined, $9.30

Haven’t you heard? Coloring isn’t just for kids anymore. Adult coloring books can be a great tool for stress relief, which could benefit not only your colleague, but the people around them as well. (Hint: I’m talking about you!)

Love this idea? We have even more coloring book options.

7. Elephant Stationery, $14.50

Did you know that elephants have excellent memories? This makes them the perfect animal to deliver your co-worker’s messages near and far. Well, I can’t make any guarantees, but I do think getting a reminder (passive-aggressive or otherwise) feels a little better when it comes looking as pretty as this one does.

8. Tequila Mockingbird: Cocktails With a Literary Twist, $8.77

Does your co-worker like reading? Maybe! Does your co-worker like drinking? Probably! If the answer to either of these is a yes, this little book is just the thing to make their weekend cocktail party a little more unique. Romeo and Julep, anyone?

(And for more book recommendations, check out this list of best books to read for your career.)

9. Godiva Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa Canister, $15

This is not your standard grocery store mix! Oh, and if you really like this person, consider adding a bag of tiny marshmallows—the perfect topping to any hot cocoa!

10. Coffee Brew Candle, $14.99

If the room smells like coffee, will you feel more awake? Get this for your colleague and find out real fast.

11. Pocket Utensil Set, $16

OK, so maybe mugs and your glasses are safe in your office, but what about the silverware? Your co-worker shouldn’t have to eat their lunch with their hand—unless that’s their utensil of choice (in which case I hope they stay away from their computer during lunch).

12. Tipping Tea Cup, $19.99

The perfect quirky tea cup for any tea lover. You co-worker can use loose-leaf tea without needing to use (or wash) a tea infuser. Also, it just looks really cool.

13. 2019 Critter Easel Calendar, $19.95

Fill your cubicle mate’s (and your) wall with some cute critters and a space to keep track of their life—meetings, more meetings, and hopefully some more meetings. (And for their sake, we hope a happy hour, too.)

14. Decision Maker, $18

Make your co-worker’s life easier with this cute paperweight.