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15 Coffee Mugs That Will Make Your Mornings a Whole Lot Better

You may think that coffee (or tea) is going to be your pick-me-up in the morning—but did you know that the cup you put your beverage of choice in is just as important?

Studies show that touching certain objects (like, for example, a beloved mug) can be great for stimulating your brain and making you feel more productive and recharged in the morning. In other words, an awesome coffee cup can make a huge difference in how you feel and operate.

Plus, well, it'll make you look cool at the office.

Want to upgrade your mug? Here are 15 interesting ones to consider adding to your desk.

1. For Those Who Love to Snack

Like a little food to go with your morning coffee? Now you’ll never need a plate or napkin.

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2. For the Nostalgic

This heat-sensitive mug will totally bring you back to that date you went on in middle school at the arcade.

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3. For the Kid at Heart

Note: Unlike your Lego sets of yore, this mug does not come with that simple (yet shockingly confusing) instruction manual.

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4. For the Scientist

Are you drinking coffee or conducting a science experiment? No one will ever know.

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5. For the Perpetual College Kid

With this mug, you'll get to act like you're throwing down with your frat bros all over again. Just maybe don't try and get a game of beer (er, coffee) pong going in the middle of the day.

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6. For That Guy

Were you voted most likely person in your office to have a semi-inappropriate coffee mug at work? This one's for you.

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7. For the Sitcom Queen

RIP Friends. Only the pop culture junkies will understand.

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8. For the Not-Really-a-Morning Person

Nope, you're not going to listen to anyone at your daily morning briefing until the mug is empty.

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9. For the Grammarian

Your friends in operations or tech will never understand this mug.

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10. For the Person Who Wants to Drop a Hint

Congrats on being the most OK.

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11. For the History Buff

You knew how cool Abe was before everybody else.

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12. For the Nerd

If you actually know what this math problem means, this is definitely the mug for you.

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13. For the Internet Person

The older colleagues in your office will totally not understand what's on this mug when you're carrying it around.

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14. For the Programmer

Just make sure you don't put your coffee too close to the keyboard.

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15. For the Forgetful

Need an extra reminder for the day? Your coffee mug can become your best friend.

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Photo of coffee cup courtesy of Shutterstock.