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14 Realistic Ways You Can Start Being More Mindful at Work (and Stop Feeling So Overwhelmed)

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Ever have so much on your plate that you don’t even have a free moment to appreciate your progress? When it comes to having a to-do list full of heavy-hitter items, you’re probably not the only one who feels more erratic than accomplished. And if it starts getting to the point that every day is like that, then adding a little mindfulness to your schedule might be good for you.

Slowing down can feel counterintuitive at best, but in some ways, it’s the kind of recharging you need most to get even more done.

  1. Mindfulness doesn’t have to always come in the form of a 30-minute meditation sequence. In fact, focused breathing can do wonders for you in any situation. (Business Insider)

  2. Conscious concentration is a skill—and that means it’s a habit that you have to practice. Luckily, there are exercises you can do shift your mindset to ease anxiety. (Harvard Business Review)

  3. If you’re stressed and running on little time, the good news is that your breath can be a very grounding anchor to focus on. Try some under-10-minute breathing exercises to ease your mood immediately. (Greatist)

  4. And breathing isn’t the only exercise you can do to reset your spirits. Try observing, listening, and appreciating more intentionally, too. (Pocket Mindfulness)

  5. Just because you’re checked out for lunch time doesn’t mean that isn’t still a core time to be connected with your surroundings. Eating consciously will make sure you’re not scarfing down everything mindlessly—which in turn means you won’t be crashing later. (mindbodygreen)

  6. How often do you have conversations you can barely recall, because you were too busy thinking about that call you have to make later? Turns out, active listening can make all sides of a conversation feel better. (The Wall Street Journal)

  7. As David Allan notes, unless you’re an ER doctor or babysitter, whatever you have to do can wait 15 minutes while you do a mid-day meditation sequence. (CNN)

  8. Feel like you can’t “schedule in” mindfulness? Science says taking breaks actually keeps you more on track for things to go as planned. So, next time you’re itching for a short walk or coffee break, listen to the urge. (The New York Times)

  9. Overflowing inbox got you down? Try this clever email meditation exercise. (The Huffington Post)

  10. Here are some tips for practicing mindfulness all day long, with advice based specifically on who you’re around. (Fitness Magazine)

  11. Sometimes, achieving calm has everything to do with starting things off right each day. Tweak your morning routine so you’re prepared for whatever comes next. (Bustle)

  12. And likewise, you can’t perform at your best during your work hours when it’s clogging up your attention at all hours of the day. Make sure to unplug and set boundaries when you head home—for everyone’s sake. (Fast Company)

  13. According to Katherine Ellison, paying too much attention to your inbox forces you to put others’ needs before you own. Good news? You can practice better mindfulness and self-compassion by staying away. (Forbes)

  14. And, if staying out of your inbox takes an unrealistic amount of willpower, these are some clear steps for keeping your paws off for good—so you can really stay in the moment when you’re clocked in. (The Daily Muse)