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13 Ways to Actively Improve Your Memory That Don't Involve Silly Brain Puzzles

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Ever find yourself forgetting important things all the time, like that small deadline coming up, or your mid-day snack at home? If it only happens now and again, it’s OK—it happens to the best of us. But if you notice you’ve been completely blanking on stuff more often than you’d like, it’s not too late to make some small life changes that will get your memory up to snuff again.

Here are 13 actionable steps to actively improve your memory, and don’t worry—we left out those silly brain exercise puzzles.

  1. Maybe you have a hard time remembering things because you struggling with paying attention to information the first time around. If you ever catch yourself zoning out during conversations, try increasing your attention span. (The Financial Diet)

  2. Hitting the gym isn’t just about physical health. If you don’t exercise regularly, that could be taking a toll on your memory and thinking skills. (Harvard Health Publications)

  3. Been stressed out more than you’d like lately? Unfortunately, stress makes you more forgetful, too. (CNN)

  4. If you notice yourself leaving keys behind or missing big deadlines, those are some good signs that you could be sleeping better. (The Cut)

  5. Water can super charge your brain, so remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. (Psychology Today)

  6. Are you the kind to skimp on breakfast? A hearty meal at the start of each day is what you need for good memory and concentration. (LIVESTRONG.COM)

  7. I guess you are what you remember to eat. Here are some good mind-boosting foods to add to your diet. (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics)

  8. Research says adding a routine of thinking through your entire day before bed can improve short and long-term recall. (Forbes)

  9. Everyone knows the distracting, everything-at-once culture we live in can make it difficult to stay focused and retain information. Fast Company offers some easy, quick ways to unplug and refocus. (Fast Company)

  10. Worried about long-term memory decline? Researcher Elizabeth Devore says to just eat berries. (Harvard Gazette)

  11. Making time to go running can seriously impact your happiness levels, which in turn makes your brain that much more efficient in everything else.

  12. Want an easy way to invest in your memory? All you have to do is chew gum. (New Scientist)

  13. And in the mean time, just remember: Writing everything down can only help. (The Daily Muse)