We know—you have a lot to do.

That’s why we’ve gathered 13 of our best-ever productivity tips in one place, from how to outsource tasks to save time to how to make your phone do more for you. Think of reading these articles as an investment: Sure, it may take a few extra minutes now, but it will save you countless time in the long run.

1. 5 Small Productivity Changes That Make a Major Impact

From walking meetings to No Meeting Wednesdays, consider these strategies that'll boost your team's productivity (and happiness, too!).

2. The New Email Rule That Will Change Your Inbox Forever

Sick of spending your life in your inbox? Follow this rule to banish email woes forever.

3. 7 Tasks You Should Outsource—Immediately

Even if you're not an executive or celebrity, you can outsource more than you might think—for less than you’d imagine.

4. How to Improve Your Efficiency (Without Added Stress!

Believe it or not, being counterintuitive can get you far with your time management.

5. The Secret to Getting More Done in Less Time

We can't magically grant you more time in the day, but we can share a little secret for getting more done in the time that you do have: aggressively guarding your schedule. Here are two simple steps to getting started.

6. 6 Productivity Tricks You Can Learn From CEOs

Hear from busy CEOs on how they manage to fit everything into their days.

7. What You Didn’t Know Your Phone Could Do

Did you know that your phone can text you the weather, remind you to pay rent, and send you a joke when it rains to brighten your day? Get the scoop here.

8. Why You Really Should Have a Work Uniform

Scared of not being the trendy co-worker anymore? Here's why you have nothing to fear.

9. 25 Things You Should Never Have to Type Again

Use Google's Canned Responses feature to seriously cut down on your email time.

10. The Secret to Keeping Phone Calls Short and Sweet

Whether you’re talking to a long-winded colleague or partner, it can feel impossible to get off the phone. But your time is precious, so it's an important art to master. We've got you covered with some tried-and-true tactics for keeping a phone call short.

11. Productivity Lessons Anyone Can Learn From the Assembly Line

Apply Toyota’s efficiency secrets to your life to ramp up productivity in no time.

12. 7 Ways to Get More Done Without Working Harder

Here are seven expert-backed ways to work smarter—not harder.

13. Surprisingly Weird Productivity Tricks That Get Results

Be inspired by the most counterintuitive productivity hacks you’d never think would work.

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