We’re going to let you in on a secret. Actually, to be more accurate, we’re going to let you in on 13 secrets.

In this roundup, we’re sharing 13 companies that are going to be big. How big? Well, only time will tell, but if we were you, we’d apply to them ASAP. The good news is that not only are all of these businesses about to take off, they’re also all doing super cool things. And best of all, they’re all hiring now.

So grab your resume—and your sunglasses. Because if you land a job with one of these companies, your future is bright.

1. Fiverr

The word “disruptive” has been thrown around a lot lately—but there’s really no better way to describe how Fiverr is revolutionizing the service industry. Through its platform, creatives and professionals can offer their talents to customers around the world while sitting at home on the couch.

And the company is only getting bigger.

“We have so many feature updates coming out that are really going to take this platform—that’s already amazing—to the next level,” says Clarke Levidiotis, digital content marketer. “Being here, watching the process unfold and communicating updates to our audience is exciting.”

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2. Symphony

Employees at this company have their heads in the clouds—in the best way possible. Symphony’s cloud-based technology allows its clients to safely exchange high-value content and information online.

The company’s innovative vision is getting lots of attention.

“By targeting the financial services industries first, [Symphony] shows every other industry, from governments to retail, that here’s a way to bring these systems of engagement to create digital disruption in the market,” one analyst told TechCrunch.

Get in on the action, and apply to work with Symphony’s entrepreneurial team.

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3. Nestio

The top management and brokerage firms in New York City all prefer using Nestio, a venture-backed startup offering software that allows landlords, brokers, and agents to communicate and manage their records from the same place.

In January of this year, Nestio founder and CEO Caren Maio was named one of three “female entrepreneurs to look out for by Metro.”

We’re not surprised.

After all, with such positive feedback in NYC, it seems likely Nestio will soon be expanding across the nation—and someday, maybe even the world.

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4. When I Work

This company is completely switching up how other companies manage their teams. When I Work’s mobile apps make it super easy for businesses to schedule, track the hours of, and communicate with employees.

Thousands of businesses—and more than 250,000 employees—currently use When I Work’s products, and these numbers grow every day.

But it isn’t just great ideas driving When I Work’s success.

“For me, the power of an organization is the creativity and passion of its people. I get to see these on a daily basis at When I Work,” says Dennis Still, Head of Analytics. “If you don't believe me, I’ve got the data to show you how awesome a place it is to work.”

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5. OptionsCity

Hazem Dawani, Victor Glava, and Rudy Fasouliotis had a daunting task when they set out to build OptionsCity eight years ago. The founders wanted to do nothing less than change the way professional traders use financial technology.

Well, they’ve succeeded—and now the company can’t stop racking up awards for its innovative software. Its accolades include “Best Options Technology,” “Software Company of the Year Finalist,” “Best Options Trading Platform,” and the Chicago Innovation Award.

“We are really starting to hit that innovation threshold—and we’re emerging as the leaders in this space,” says Director of Engineering Ben Sandmann.

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6. Canvas

Canvas, a cloud-based software service for businesses, came into being after its founders noticed that most companies still primarily use paper as their means of recording and hanging on to vital info. Not only is that inefficient, but it’s expensive.

With its customizable mobile apps, Canvas enables customers to use their devices to collect, share, and integrate information. There are currently Canvas clients in over 65 countries.

QA lead Ali Moussavi says, “We have excellent leadership. We’re growing because of the way they’re steering the ship.”

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7. ParkWhiz

“I think we’re a young and scrappy group ready to take over and dominate our industry,” says Farrah Davis, Director of Sales Operations for ParkWhiz.

That sounds about right. ParkWhiz is solving a problem that frustrates millions of drivers around the world: finding a place to leave their cars. Using the company’s mobile and web apps, people can quickly, easily, and efficiently find parking before they arrive at their destinations.

More than 3,000 companies have partnered with ParkWhiz so far, including Eventbrite and ShowClix. We’re looking forward to seeing ParkWhiz forge even more partnerships, gain new customers, and ultimately turn the $100 billion parking industry upside down.

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8. Duarte

For more than two decades, Duarte has been pioneering the ways in which brands present their stories to customers.

“Duarte is working to be at the cutting edge of reimagining what it means to build a presentation,” comments Ryan Orcutt, Associate Creative Director.

The company bases its presentations and training services on its unique VisualStory methodology. Duarte’s ability to transform everyday communications with VisualStory, along with the team’s expertise and top-shelf delivery, has won the company numerous high-profile clients, like Cisco, Al Gore, and Twitter.

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9. Button

Button is a mobile tech platform that connects apps to each other—making it easier and quicker for users to, say, find a dinner place on Yelp, reserve a seat on OpenTable, and book an Uber to the restaurant in one fell swoop.

“Button has really grandiose ambitions,” says Oliva Gorvy, Director of Partner Success. “We really want to fundamentally redefine what mobile advertising is and build meaningful, connected experiences between different mobile apps.”

While the Button office is definitely a fun place to be, it’s also fast-paced and challenging.

“This is a ‘doing’ company so getting stuff done is the most important aspect,” explains co-founder Siddhartha Dabral.

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10. Radius

“When I think about the future of Radius, I get most excited about our growth potential—especially bringing in new hires,” says Caroline Bray, who runs human resources.

Radius, which was founded in 2009, enables marketers to reach the 20 million plus small- and medium-sized businesses in the nation.

“We’re helping people think differently about how they’re marketing to their customers,” shares Lou Haidous, an inside sales manager. “We’re totally changing the way people take action on the customer insights available.”

Radius’ clients include American Express, Capital One, and Home Depot—and as word spreads about the company’s innovative solutions, that client list is sure to keep getting longer and more impressive.

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11. PaperG

According to The New York Times, PaperG is “an ad engine to put Mad Men out of business.” That’s because its automatic ad distribution makes advertising on the web way more affordable for small and medium businesses.

PaperG was also named one of Forbes’ 100 Most Promising Businesses in America in 2011.

David Benitez, senior account executive, says, “PaperG is a lean mean machine. Because of the hard-working individuals we have on board, we’re able to produce a product that’s best in the industry.”

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12. HotelTonight

Want to spontaneously book a hotel room? Before HotelTonight, you were out of luck. But thanks to the company’s awesome mobile apps, you can “take advantage of the serendipity of life,” as CEO and co-founder Sam Shank puts it.

HotelTonight is reinventing old models in more ways than one. It’s the first—and only—travel company to operate on a purely mobile platform.

“There are a lot of awesome and exciting things that HotelTonight is building for the future,” says mobile QA engineer Hope Whitney-Monical.

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13. Galileo

Galileo is all about out-of-the-box thinking. The company offers educational summer camps that boost kids’ creativity and senses of wonder with art, science, technology, and outdoor play.

More children enroll for Galileo’s programs every season—which reaffirms the team’s sense of success.

“We’re on the cusp of expanding from a Bay Area company to a global one, and that means that our services are needed and are being well-received,” says staffer Nelda Kerr.

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