If you were offered the chance to work at Apple, would you take it? We’re going to go out on a limb here and say yeah, you’d probably at least strongly consider it.

That’s why we’re so excited about our latest roundup. We’ve searched high and low for the companies that are just as cool as the tech behemoth. High praise indeed, but each and every one of the organizations on this list deserves it—and each for a different reason.

Get ready to find your next dream company.

1. Venmo

Apple is famous for emphasizing product above all else—and the same is true for payment platform company Venmo.

Since it was founded in 2009, Venmo has maintained its focus on exceptional engineering. Every single employee must understand the intricacies of the product, which has resulted in a team that’s 50% engineers. And 70-80% can write code, even though their job descriptions aren’t purely technical.

Head of Engineering Delano McFarlane says, “When I started here, even the support team was building and writing code—which is something you rarely see.”

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2. MailChimp

Want to be part of a place with an Apple-esque culture of innovation and wackiness? Join MailChimp, the email marketing service provider used by more than 7 million people and businesses around the world.

“Weird people, they connect the dots,” says Aarron Walter, General Manager of New Products. “They pull things together. They look at the world in a different way, and they can see things that other people don’t. That’s part of what makes our culture very creative.”

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3. MuleSoft

If you’ve always wanted to work at Apple because of the tech opportunities, you’ll love MuleSoft. The company is a tech paradise.

“This is a very technical company—so if you really love technical work, coding, and solving complex problems, then this is the right place,” explains Senior Engineering Manager Federico Bongiovanni.

Employees are set up with the most cutting-edge, capable tools on the market, and they’re also encouraged to attend events, conferences, meet-ups, and hackathons (even if that means multiple days away from their desks!)

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4. Marriott International

When you think “creative company,” Marriott International might not be the first one to leap to mind. But it ranks right up there with the most entrepreneurial-minded Silicon Valley organizations. Marriott International’s established company and 19 global hotel brands are taking creative risks to change the way we think about travel.

David Menda, Senior Manager of Mobile Marketing, says, “I think people passionate for change and passionate for driving innovation will find Marriott a great place to work. It’s at an inflection point where a lot is changing.”

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5. Peloton Cycle

There are two major ways that Peloton Cycle resembles Silicon Valley’s most famous company.

First, like Apple, Peloton Cycle doesn’t just sell a product—it offers a way of life. With its high-end luxury bike, Peloton has developed a way for people to work out at home without being alone.

Second, the company’s physical spaces are absolutely jaw-dropping (also familiar). Peloton offers exercise classes out of its flagship New York studio—and the retail team has taken the studio’s serene feeling and incorporated it into the retail space. In its five local stores, customers can receive a hands-on, high-touch experience of how Peloton really works.

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6. Social Tables

You know how it’s impossible to imagine not having your iPhone (or iPod, or Mac computer, or iPad)? As a company, Apple continually introduces products we didn’t know we needed—that become essential to our lives.

Well, the same goes for Social Tables, which provides cloud-based software for the hospitality industry. Once companies start using Social Tables, they never want to go back.

Cerys Brown, a senior account executive, says, “I was in the hospitality industry; I saw where they were doing things so manually. After doing some research on Social Tables, I fell in love with the company.”

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7. Priceline.com

In terms of tech, priceline.com’s got it going on.

“We’re always trying to make sure that people working here are staying challenged and staying abreast of all the new technology changes,” explains Jonathan Taylor, VP of Mobile Technology.

Every summer, a delegation of tech teams attend Google I/O and Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference to learn the latest industry trends and get inspired. Priceline.com also conducts iOS and Android development classes internally—creating skillful teams of top developers and well-rounded engineers to craft trailblazing e-commerce products.

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8. Funding Circle

Since “disruptive” is a buzzword, we reserve it for companies that are truly shaking things up. Companies like Apple—and Funding Circle.

Since its founding five years ago, Funding Circle has been building a better financial world—funding the dreams of thousands of small business owners and helping investors lend almost $1 billion globally through its revolutionary marketplace. It’s new, it’s different, it’s awesome, and yes, it’s disruptive.

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9. Udacity

Udacity’s great culture makes it a no-brainer for this list. According to Senior Code Wrangler Owen Smith, “We’re pretty fun—and I don’t just throw that term around. There’s a constant undercurrent of humor that underlies everything we do.”

Smith, along with everyone else on the team, helps bring educational opportunities to people around the world through Udacity’s online learning platform.

And with employees enjoying regular hackathons, unlimited free Udacity courses, and wacky team talent demos, we definitely see Smith’s point.

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10. ZocDoc

Do you want to really care about your company’s mission, Jobs-style? At ZocDoc, the team is totally invested in what they’re doing. The company is revolutionizing the healthcare experience by connecting patients with doctors—doctors in the right area and specialty, who take the right insurance, and who’ve gotten good reviews from past patients.

Director of Infrastructure Engineering Ben Sussman sums it up: “It wasn’t until I worked at ZocDoc that I found a place where I could really believe in a mission and grow with that mission.”

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11. Method

You’d have to imagine that being an Apple employee would mean you’d get a thrill every time you saw someone using an Apple product. (Or at least, you would the first 100 times or so.)
Get the same wow-I-helped-make-that rush by joining the team of Method.

The company has created a line of naturally derived, biodegradable household cleaners, laundry products, and personal care products that are safe for people and for the planet. We’re confident you’ll stumble across a Method product at least once a day—and be thrilled that you helped make it.

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12. Symphony

Maybe you dream about taking ownership over your work (hey, we don’t blame ya—that’s one of our “workplace musts” as well!) For those who want the opportunity to champion your own projects, check out Symphony.

“We have a completely entrepreneurial environment where everyone gets the opportunity to express their visions and take ownership of their verticals,” reveals Sashi Dias Valtz, who leads business development for the Americas.

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13. Blinds.com

You may not have seen this coming, but Blinds.com (the world’s largest online provider of window coverings) is basically the Apple of the home accessories space. Not only does is experimentation without fear of failure a core value, but Blinds.com also has a super fun, inclusive atmosphere.

The company is holding a Comic-Con day at the office so employees have the chance to rep their favorite characters and geek out together. Along similar lines, there’s always a ping pong competition, laser tag session, or Dungeons and Dragons game in the works.

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