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12 Companies With Amazing Perks (And Jobs) We Want Now

You’ve heard of the common company perks: healthcare, paid days off, free coffee, and so on. But what about a free shiny Apple product, endless Seamless credits, and trips to Vegas on a private jet? As much as these benefits sound like they belong in an alternate universe, they’re being offered at companies around the world—some of which may be closer to you than you’d think.

Today, check out a handful of workplaces with truly fantastic perks. Whether you’re a foodie, a health nut, an outdoorsy adventurer, or a tech enthusiast, you’re bound to find a company that’s right up your alley.

The best part? All 12 of them are hiring now.

1. myWebRoom

myWebRoom is a social platform, allowing users to express and organize everything they’re passionate about in a beautiful way. One of the best perks of the growing startup is that staffers aren’t locked into a 9-to-5 mentality. Since everybody can be connected wherever they are, myWebRoom’s team members are welcome to work from home, or wherever they need to be, in order to produce their best work.

They also enjoy unlimited vacation time, plenty of team outings, and free meals and rides if they have to stay at the office late.

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2. Flickr

We’re sure you’re familiar with Flickr, the premier site for managing and sharing photos online. As a Yahoo company, Flickr offers its employees everything from an up-to-$5,250 annual education reimbursement to help their careers grow to three free meals every day. Not impressed yet? The Flickr team also enjoys weekly happy hours, an annual summer picnic for families, and an impressive 8-16 week parental leave policy, including $500 for new parents to spend on the things they need to take care of their children.

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3. Plated

Plated’s employees share a passion for helping people eat better through weekly food delivery—and they get plenty of chances to satisfy their own cravings for food, too. In addition to getting a free box weekly, Platers are given the responsibility of taste testing new dishes before they get delivered to customers’ doors. Other than the food perks, Plated is committed to helping employees achieve their personal and professional goals. The company often covers the costs of skill-building classes and workshops and offers unlimited vacation so staffers can relax and recharge.

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4. Pocket Gems

At Pocket Gems, employees aren’t just committed to making engaging and interactive games that have been downloaded over 100 million times—they’re also committed to making the office an awesome environment. To get everyone involved in this effort, the company gives each member $100 to make the office more exciting for everyone. Employees often pool their funds for big-ticket items such as a ping-pong table and a keg, taking ownership in creating an inspiring workspace that everyone wants to be in.

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5. RepEquity

Quarterly outings and internal team lunches aren’t the only perks at RepEquity (although they’re certainly awesome). While the team at RepEquity spends its work time developing high-performance digital tools and services to help brands improve their online presence and reach, it spends its play time going on company-sponsored boat trips, basketball games, and plenty of post-work bowling sessions.

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6. Ogilvy

With clients like Sears, American Express, and IBM, Ogilvy is one of the largest marketing communications networks in the world. It’s known for taking its brand advertising projects to the next level—and its office perks, too. The New York headquarters has an on-site fitness center that offers classes taught by the company’s certified trainer and nutritionist, and the San Francisco and Los Angeles locations offer doggy day care so you can take your best friend to work any time. Employees also enjoy plenty of extracurriculars—can you say company dodgeball league?

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7. Yext

When Yext’s employees aren’t helping businesses manage and expand their digital presence in online maps, directories, and applications, they’re often found ordering free food provided by the company’s corporate Seamless account. The Yext team gets a daily allowance for both lunch and dinner, and they frequently pool their Seamless money to order office feasts. And perks don’t stop there: Staffers also enjoy an in-office kegerator, karaoke machine, and game-filled “fun room.”

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8. ThoughtWorks

ThoughtWorkers are always looking for opportunities to learn and share ideas beyond their daily responsibilities of providing revolutionary technology, consulting, and software delivery to global clients. The company’s weekly “Hardware Hacklab” allows ThoughtWorkers to do just that. On this day, offices open their doors to enthusiasts who bring in the latest hardware gadgets, and employees have access to everything from Oculus Rift (a virtual reality headset for 3D gaming) to 3D printers.

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9. Stack Exchange

Stack Exchange’s employees are regularly celebrated for their hard work in building expert question and answer communities for online information seekers. But they’re especially celebrated on their birthdays with the company’s “birthday boxes” tradition. The treat includes a personalized meal and a party package filled with special treats prepared by office chefs. And don’t worry about that post-meal food coma: You can curl up in one of the office’s many nap rooms, where employees are free to catch a few zzz’s any time they’d like.

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10. Axial

Axial’s platform was launched with a mission to connect business owners with expert financial advisors and reliable capital investors in order to grow, finance, and sell companies. While each team member plays a critical role, Axial doesn’t want employees to be restricted by their job descriptions. Therefore, the company offers employees stipends to spend on any educational courses of interest, in-house workshops led by industry experts, and engineer-taught developer classes.

Oh, and stock options, seasonal parties, catered lunches, and unlimited vacation, too.

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11. Hypertherm

Hypertherm designs and manufactures advanced cutting systems, consumable products, accessories, and high-tech industrial software solutions used in various industries around the world. As a 100% employee-owned company, Hypertherm is unique with its profit-sharing bonuses and a no-layoff policy. The company values a holistic approach to employee engagement. And, because it believes employee health and happiness go hand-in-hand, Hypertherm hosts an on-site medical center and wellness program for all associates.

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12. Skout

Skout is a global social platform for connecting new people based on their geo-location. Since its founding in 2007, Skout has facilitated more than 500 million connections worldwide and is live in 180 countries. The company hosts several happy hours every year—allowing employees to invite friends to join the festivities—as well as outings to baseball games and organized fun city-wide scavenger hunts for the entire team. And best of all? Skout’s new hires receive shiny new Apple products on their first day.

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