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12 Better Ways to Structure Your Workday for Maximum Productivity

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If you’re tired of your daily routine and want to shake things up a little, then I have good news for you: There are plenty of different ways to set yourself up for success each day. Whether you’re a pen and paper to-do list type or a block-by-block scheduling kind of person, you have lots of options to switch it up and see what else works for you.

Here are 12 different ways that you can structure your workday and keep things interesting.

  1. The most common strategies for success involve structuring the day by the time. That is, finding out if morning, afternoon, or evening are the most productive periods for you to work, and sticking with it. (TeamGantt)

  2. You can also model your day after looking at what successful people do, and seeing what works best for you to emulate. (Forbes)

  3. If you need a more detailed structure to stay on task, check out this hour-by-hour plan for an ideal work day. (Quartz)

  4. Want a more productive morning? Ditch the emails and do something exciting for yourself first. (AllBusiness)

  5. Another way to motivate yourself to get stuff done is by visualizing what your tasks are instead of writing (or typing) them out. (Zapier)

  6. The ultimate routine doesn’t just stop during your hours at the office—it accounts for nutrition, exercise, and plenty of rest. (The Huffington Post)

  7. You can also take a peak at what the rich live like, though Ramsay at Blog Tyrant explains why that may not be the best goal to strive for. (Blog Tyrant)

  8. Are you someone who needs creative energy to get work done? Here’s how to schedule your tasks to achieve peak creative performance. (Fast Company)

  9. If fulfillment from your position, along with productivity, is what you’re after, try tricks like having a single goal each day to drive your motivation. (Pick the Brain)

  10. And don’t try to switch it all up overnight—you’re better off making simple changes . (Freelancers Union)

  11. Are you a freelancer who gets to set your own hours? Check out these schedules of other freelancers to get an idea of how you can spend your time. (Site Point)

  12. Not ready to completely let go of your regular routine? No problem. Instead, you can start small by organizing your to-do list differently to see what works for you best. (The Daily Muse)