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11 Companies That Care About Your Growth and Success

We’ve talked to a lot of successful people about knowing when it’s time to quit, and one common piece of advice is that you should leave your job when you’re no longer learning or growing.

At these 11 companies, however, a lack of growth definitely isn’t going to be a problem. That’s because they’ve made learning a priority—whether that’s by giving you a Kindle loaded with thought-provoking reads, paying for classes, conferences, and panels, or holding Lunch and Learns with industry leaders.

So if you’re feeling like it’s time to leave your current gig, make sure to check out opportunities as these amazing companies that you won’t feel the need to leave anytime soon!

1. Magoosh

Learning is one of Magoosh’s core values—which makes sense, considering the company’s online study tools are designed to help people do just that as they’re prepping for the GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, or ACT.

Magooshers enjoy monthly stipends that can be used on whatever class they’re interested in, from Krav Maga and ballet to skiing and improv. They also expand their horizons during Lunch and Learns, which give team members a chance to share their expertise on off-beat topics like fractals, liqueurs, world religions, and more.

And since Magoosh believes “Learning > Knowing,” employees are encouraged to ask questions. “You don’t know everything and that’s OK!” one Magoosher explained. “Your managers and team members are happy to work with you to arrive at the knowledge and answers you need to get your job done.”

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2. DigitalOcean

From (your) day one, this cloud infrastructure provider for developers puts an emphasis on learning. When new employees arrive, they’re given a Kindle pre-loaded with interesting and educational books. Each month the team gets together for a book club (led by DigitalOcean’s co-founder!), so they can discuss the insights they gleaned.

Employees also love getting to go to a yearly conference of their choice and are enthusiastic attendees of the DigitalOcean University sessions. These ongoing courses are open to everyone and cover everything from unconscious bias to mindfulness to how to hire.

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3. Allstate

You’re probably familiar with Allstate’s insurance, but you might not know how innovation- and education-focused its Data Science department is.

As part of “Project Lightbulb,” team members are encouraged to spend half a day every week learning new things, testing new theories, exploring new data sets, or solving a new problem. Each week, there’s also a symposium at which an employee presents on a topic of his or her choice. Past themes have included current modeling techniques and business problems. Lastly, Allstate’s Center for Excellence identifies new technologies and techniques, then partners with work teams to implement them.

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4. VMware

VMware has been a leader in cloud infrastructure, business mobility, and virtualization software since 1998—and having this history has shown the company the importance of continually learning. That’s why it offers “Look Within,” a program that allows employees to explore their personal and professional ambitions.

This program offers employees the chance to take courses, conferences, workshops, and trainings. They can also spend multiple weeks with a different department or team to explore new roles and expand their experience. And team members who have been with the company for five-plus years can take three-month “rejuvenation periods,” where they take on a project unrelated to their day jobs.

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5. Urban Airship

Thanks to the nature of the mobile engagement industry, Urban Airship employees are constantly learning on the job.

“I love learning about our customers and how to make them successful,” says Stephanie Capretto, a digital strategist. “I can dig deep into fascinating industries such as online betting in the UK or Japanese anime and then spend an entire day onsite with clients helping them to apply mobile messaging to their unique businesses.”

In addition, professional development funds enable employees to go to conferences, take classes, and learn new skills, while Lunch and Learns and office libraries encourage team-wide growth.

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6. Nitro

Nitro is changing the way the world works with documents by creating a powerhouse PDF software used by more than 50% of the Fortune 500. But it’s also on a mission to make sure its employees learn every day. One of Nitro’s mottos is “Always Learning”—and with that in mind, this software company created a Learning and Development department.

Its leader, Kate Mason, is always rolling out new initiatives to help Nitronauts grow. For example, in May Mason launched “Be Bold,” a speaker program featuring diverse innovators, thinkers, and achievers that will “spark innovation, encourage employees to stretch the limits of what they think is possible, and approach their work and their life in new, innovative ways!”

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7. MuleSoft

One of Tracy Truong’s biggest accomplishments as an account development representative for MuleSoft was building the global Continuous Education Program, which provides coaching for account development representatives so they can constantly hone their current skills and develop new ones.

(Truong has since been promoted to Team Lead for Account Development—proof the program works!)

Federico Bongiovanni, Senior Engineering Manager, says that engineers always ask him if they’ll learn at the company, even though they’ve been coding for nine, 10, 15 years. “I’m proud to tell them, ‘Absolutely,’” he says.

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8. GLG

GLG runs on a love of learning. It’s the world’s largest membership network for one-on-one professional learning, encompassing more than 400,000 thought leaders, experts, and specialists.

“We really have a mission-driven culture here,” says Andreas Ferstad, Business Development Manager of Life Sciences. “Two of our fundamental values are learning and curiosity—they’re at the core of everything that we do.”

To that end, GLG emphasizes training and development programs. Plus, senior executives are constantly holding breakfast and lunch roundtables with small teams across the company, giving employees a chance to ask questions, quench their curiosity, and—of course—eat delicious food.

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9. MD Insider

Established in 2012, MD Insider offers users a unique behind-the-scenes look at the medical industry, with software that provides factual data on physician performance, quality of care, experience, and medical costs.

And it’s just as committed to helping its employees learn. Every new engineer is given technology training, which allows them to hit the ground running when they actually begin working.

In addition, each recent hire gets a list of colleagues he or she can use as resources. The hires can get to know their more experienced co-workers, ask them for help, request feedback, and ultimately figure out their role in MD Insider’s ecosystem.

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10. PaperG

If you’re eager to learn, you’ll find plenty of like-minded folks at this advertising tech company that’s making display ads simple for businesses of all sizes. Each employee gets a budget for books, conferences, and courses online and offline to make sure he or she always has access to relevant information and is learning both personally and professionally.

There are spontaneous educational opportunities as well.

“Learning and growing in such a fast-paced, startup environment is a tremendous experience for everyone involved—from founders to employees,” says co-founder Roger Lee.

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11. Symphony

Symphony, which provides a secure, cloud-based communications platform that allows teams of all sizes to work together, has a learning-focused culture.

For proof, look no further than the company’s latest three-day hackathon. This event gave the team an outlet for innovation and led to some cool add-ons to Symphony’s product. Plus, the winner got a cash prize and a trophy to rival the Stanley Cup.

Symphonians also value learning more about how the company itself is doing. Monthly All Hands meetings keep everyone united, up to date, and motivated for the future.

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