If only you could snap your fingers and magically become more motivated—especially during these beautiful late spring and early summer days when the sun seems to be calling your name!

For those of you having trouble staying on task when the weather is gorgeous, you’re not alone. But you are probably in need of some advice to help you stay on track when you’re stuck indoors.

We’ve got you covered.

  1. Is it really the weather, or is it something else? Make sure you understand potential causes for your sudden demotivation. (Forbes)
  2. This one’s fun: Take a sunshine break! Head outside to eat lunch with co-workers, or do some power-walking with your boss in lieu of a conference room meeting. (Productivity Theory)
  3. Never forget that you are in charge of what you do, and remind yourself of all that you’ve already achieved. (Tiny Buddha)
  4. Pump yourself up with physical activity: This is where some good old-fashioned deskercise comes in handy. And who knows? You may even feel motivated to take your workouts outside after hours. (Greatist)
  5. Bring the summer fun to work! Have a summer-themed happy hour as motivation for a productive week at the office. (Serious Eats)
  6. Another fun way to get going? Agree with colleagues that you all will do an outdoor activity together, like volunteering or playing sports. (US News)
  7. Take advantage of the fact that the summer months are more relaxed and your work schedule doesn’t necessarily need to follow the same pattern it usually does. (99U)
  8. Are the hot summer days making you feel a little groggy? Refocus on your work by remembering why you’re doing it in the first place. (Fast Company)
  9. Download an awesome productivity app or two to make your summer workload much more manageable. (TIME)
  10. Looking for just a little boost? These 45 totally inspiring career quotes could give you that extra push.

Photo of man working outside courtesy of Shutterstock.