Your colleagues are great—for the most part. But there are still those days when you get so annoyed that you can’t help but roll your eyes at something that your co-worker does.

We’ve all been there—sometimes as the eye roller, but also sometimes as the offender. When you work with the same people, in the same small place for 40-plus hours a week, it only makes sense that you all get on each other’s nerves.

Rather than take out of your frustrations on someone nearby, check out these GIFs and know that you’re not alone in letting these things get under your skin.

1. Mass Emailing (or Replying All) When the Information Doesn’t Apply to 95% of the Team

GIF of Selena Gomez courtesy of Giphy.

But seriously, don’t they know your inbox is full enough?

2. Asking for a “Small Favor” That Actually Requires Massive Amounts of Time and Effort

GIF of The Devil Wears Prada courtesy of Giphy.

The frustration is real—especially when this teeny, tiny favor takes all day during your busiest week of the year.

3. Not Reading an Email and Asking the Same Question Over and Over

GIF of Tina Fey courtesy of Giphy.

Yes, it makes you wonder why you proofread your email five times before you sent it.

4. Jumping on the Phone When Email Makes More Sense

GIF of Adele courtesy of Giphy.

Sometimes hopping on a call is valuable. Other times, you’re swamped and trying to find a nice way to share that a two-line email will do the trick.

5. Eating Food That’s Obviously Not Communal

GIF of Ross Gellar courtesy of Giphy.

The doughnuts on the counter in the break room are communal. The leftovers in the tupperware in the back of the office fridge? Not so much.

6. Cancelling a Meeting Five Minutes Before It’s Due to Start

GIF of Conan O’Brien courtesy of Giphy.

It’s OK, you like changing up your whole afternoon on the fly. It’s not like you rearranged your whole day around this or anything.

7. Following Up on Something That’s Not Life-or-Death Within 24 Hours

GIF of Scream courtesy of Giphy.

Yes, I did see the email. And no, I don’t think it’s already time to loop back around on this one.

8. Cc’ing Your Boss on All Emails

GIF of Community courtesy of Giphy.

No, the solution is not to write back, “That’s what he hired me for.” (Instead, read this article on dealing with someone who goes over your head.)

9. Introducing You to Someone on an Email Without Asking You First

GIF of Ryan Reynolds courtesy of Giphy.

It would have been so much easier to politely decline before the email connecting the two of you had been sent.

10. Sending an Email With So Many Acronyms You Can't Make Sense of It

GIF of Jeopardy courtesy of Giphy.

Could you send the draft of the RFP detailing ROI from R&D to the CEO by EOD?

Everyone’s a victim of these office faux pas from time to time. So, it’s good to be able to sit back, laugh at them—and then get back to that massive, little favor.

Photo of frustrated man courtesy of Shutterstock.

Updated 6/19/2020