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10 Must-Reads on Work-Life Balance

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Achieving the perfect balance of working hard and playing hard is, well, how should we put it? Not exactly a simple feat.

So, we searched the web far and wide for advice that has worked for others. If you're feeling overworked, overwhelmed, or just over being in your office all day long, take your pick of these great tips for finding balance.

  • How Do You Cope With 100-Hour Work Weeks? (The Grindstone)
  • Advice to My Younger Self: Readers on Work-Life Balance (HuffPo)
  • Balancing Vacation and a Busy Office (NY Times)
  • Is it 5:00 Yet? (Ms. Career Girl)
  • 6 Steps to Achieving Work-Life Purpose (LearnVest)
  • How 5 Successful Women Find Free Time (Real Simple)
  • Working Girl's Guide to Celebrating Summer (SavvySugar)
  • 30 Quotes About the Joys of Taking a Walk (EcoSalon)
  • 8 Ways Goofing Off Can Make You More Productive (ForbesWoman)
  • It's Quitting Time: So Why Can't You Relax? (MarieClaire)
  • Bonus Must-Read: Why Women Still Can't Have It All (The Atlantic)

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