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10 Must-Reads Before You Start a New Job

Just landed an amazing new job? Congrats!

While we'd love to toast you with a virtual glass of celebratory champagne, we'll give you the next best thing: A round-up of great articles that will make sure you start that new gig with everything you need to succeed.

From getting prepared before your first day to making a great impression and fighting those new-kid jitters, read on for great on-the-job advice.

1. 5 To-Dos After You Accept a New Job

Just landed a great new gig? After you celebrate (obviously), put these five action items on your to-do list.

2. How to Make a Great Impression on Your First Day

There’s nothing more nerve-wracking than a job interview—until, of course, you’ve actually landed the job and you’re headed to your first day of work. Not to worry: We’ve got your guide to making a great first impression.

3. Simple Ways to Fight the New Job Jitters

If you’re panicking about heading to your new office this week, we’ve gathered four ways to conquer your nerves and take your new experiences in stride.

4. Your Guide to Your First Week on the Job

With these key rules, you can get comfortable, get up to speed quickly, and get off on the right foot with your new boss.

5. Thrown Into the Deep End? How to Survive Sink-or-Swim Training

When you’re starting a new job, you don’t always get the ample training and step-by-step manual you might hope for. So, how can you survive—and more importantly, succeed—without getting overwhelmed? We’ll show you how.

6. The 7 People You Should Befriend at Work

From the Snack Guy to the Office Older Sibling—your work life will be much, much easier with these officemates on your side.

7. Caught in an Elevator With a CEO? 3 Conversation Starters

You’re in the elevator, and the CEO skates between closing doors to join you for a 30-floor ride. Yikes. But don’t panic—just try one of these simple conversation starters.

8. How to Ask for Time Off at Your New Job (the Right Way)

Feel like you have to give up on vacation because of your new gig? We've tackled common questions about asking for time off as a new employee.

9. 5 Ways to Stay in Touch With Your Old Boss

When you start a new job, don't forget about your old one! Your former boss and colleagues can be a great resource for the future.

10. 4 To-Dos for Your First Year on the Job

Striving toward these four goals in your first year on the job will impress your boss and go a long way to set you up for long-term success. And guess what? They’re not about just doing your job.

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