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10 Instant Ways to Be More Likeable

Whether you like it or not (wink, wink), being liked at work is important to your success. Plus, let’s be honest: Being liked just plain feels good!

Fortunately, if you want to up your likeability quotient, doing a personality 180 is completely unnecessary. Just make these 10 changes. They’re small, but they’ll get you big results.

  1. It’s counterintuitive, but asking someone to do you a favor makes him or her like you more. (Huffington Post)

  2. Adding these 19 words to your repertoire will instantly boost your likeability. (Inc.)

  3. What the “eyebrow flash” is—and why it makes you instantly more charming. (Psychology Today)

  4. Here’s what the extremely likeable do differently. (Lifehack)

  5. If your boss crosses his or her legs, you should, too.(Psychologia)

  6. Why sometimes being more likeable means being less nice. (The Business Journals)

  7. Laugh at yourself—and seven other charisma-boosting moves. (Slate)

  8. Four tricks for remembering anyone’s name; because Fina from operations will like you all the more for it. (Fast Company)

  9. Should you wear that cologne? How scents can help or hurt others’ opinions of you. (Forbes)

  10. Try out these 10 genuine ways anyone can be charming, which include showing a little vulnerability. (Inc.)

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Photo of like magnets courtesy of Shutterstock.