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’Tis the season to network. No, really! This time of year provides the perfect excuse for connecting (or reconnecting) out of the blue.

Knowing this, you probably had the best intentions to reach out, but things got busy and now December is more than halfway over. By the time you realistically shop for cards, figure out what to write, track down addresses, and mail them, it’ll be too late.

But what if I told you we’ve cut all the legwork out for you, and with just your contacts’ email addresses you can tackle this project this afternoon?

It’s true! Professional holiday e-cards have come a long way and it’s possible to send a polished—or fun—note in about the same amount of time it takes to compose an email.

For bonus points, swap out the generic text with these pre-written holiday card templates.

Whether you’re telling a co-worker how much you appreciate them, reconnecting with a former boss you fell out of touch with, reaching out to someone you admire, or sending a New Year’s note to a person you forgot to put on your list earlier, you’re sure to find at least one design you like.

1. To Send to Your Team

2. To Send Joy

3. To Send Kindness

4. To Send Season’s Greetings

5. To Send a Pun

6. To Send Christmas Wishes

7. To Send Some Hanukkah Gelt

8. To Send What Looks Like a Printed Card

9. To Send to the Person Who Loves Hot Chocolate

10. To Send at the Very Last Minute

I know it can be hard to find the time (or motivation) to send actual snail mail. These e-cards eliminate that excuse, so go on and keep that network warm. You’ll be glad you did!