With so many exciting companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, it can be daunting to find the right fit for you.

To help you out, we’ve picked out just a few of our favorite companies in the area—that are all hiring right now! From legacy media companies to exciting new startups, check out the exciting options below.

1. Cloudpassage

CloudPassage is a cloud-based security company—providing leading software-defined security platforms for private, public, and hybrid cloud environments of any scale. This makes them super-efficient and gives them the power to respond faster to threats—providing confidence that their critical business assets are secure.

What do CloudPassage employees report enjoying most about their jobs? The close relationships they are able to build with both their teams and their customers. Working closely with customers on product design and enhancements, CloudPassage’s agile development teams deliver new releases every several weeks, keeping CloudPassage customers on the cutting edge of security.

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2. Skout

Skout is a global, social platform for connecting new people based on their geo-location. Founded in 2007, Skout has facilitated more than 500 million connections worldwide, is live in 180 countries, and is available in 14 different languages on both Android and iOS devices. Skout continues to build relationships—both romantic and platonic—anywhere, anytime.

Creating a family feel is a core value at Skout. Skout’s transparent atmosphere encourages employees to seek new challenges as a team—even when the final destination isn’t clear—and constantly evolve collectively to solve dynamic problems. And the laid-back attitude can be felt throughout the workplace.

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3. HotelTonight

HotelTonight is reinventing hotel booking for the mobile era, building amazing apps for finding last-minute hotel rooms at great prices. Its mission? Enabling people to take advantage of the serendipity of life.

Everyone at HotelTonight works crazy-hard in the company’s quest to help people plan less and live more. HotelTonight is growing a ton, and it’s looking for team members who are passionate about mobile, who question the conventional way of doing things, and who want to be an integral part of building the next big thing in travel.

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4. BandPage

BandPage is a music tech platform that customizes profile pages for over 500,000 up-and-coming and mainstream artists. BandPage’s ultimate goal is to provide artists with sustainable careers by any means necessary.

Music is the foundation of BandPage's unique office culture. Job candidates with music, tech, and creative backgrounds and music enthusiasts who truly care about the lives of everyday artists are strongly encouraged to apply. Candidates must also be knowledgeable about the community and its politics, enthusiastic about learning from their peers, and ready to take advantage of new opportunities.

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5. myWebRoom

myWebRoom is a social platform, allowing users to express and organize everything they’re passionate about in a beautiful way. myWebRoom helps users design dream rooms, bookmark favorite sites, discover cool products, socialize with friends, and share awesome finds in a visual and creative way.

One of the team’s favorite parts of being part of myWebRoom? The weekly Booze & Reviews meetings—an opportunity for employees to showcase their accomplishments and share how much other roommates have helped make a project a success.

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6. Symphony

Symphony offers open-source, secure communication and workflow platforms for clients around the world. Residing solely in digital spaces, Symphony and its small, mighty team provide both stand-alone and fully integrated platforms to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Symphony is searching for candidates proficient in programs like Java, Angular, ReAct, and Backbone. Most importantly, however, Symphony looks to hire good, collaborative people and applicants who have a solid knowledge of programming concepts, design, data patterns, an understanding of coding algorithms—and a demonstrated ability to answer tough technology questions.

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7. Funding Circle

Funding Circle is been building a better financial world—funding the dreams of thousands of small business owners and helping investors lend almost $1 billion globally through its revolutionary marketplace. Funding Circle is fusing disruptive Silicon Valley technology with Wall Street financial acumen to build something better for small businesses, investors, and the economy.

For Funding Circle, there’s nothing more rewarding than building disruptive and impactful financial technology—and no greater satisfaction than funding the growth of small businesses. Working in a transparent and supportive team makes each new project a fun, educating, and rewarding opportunity.

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8. Twilio

Twilio is a developer-friendly cloud communications company, facilitating business calls and messaging on its robust API platform.

Twilio’s San Francisco office is the ideal spot for youthful and talented technologists on the rise and an energetic networking hub for tech-minded professionals. With easy access to big conferences, teams are front-and-center as the latest technologies roll out, and Twilio also neighbors with several other startups—making pleasant run-ins with family or friends working just down the street a common occurrence.

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9. San Francisco Chronicle

San Francisco Chronicle is one of the oldest and most respected names in journalism. As the media shifts from print publications to online outlets, San Francisco Chronicle is undergoing extreme transformations to stay on the cutting-edge of local and worldwide communications. By embarking on a digital first campaign, the Chronicle has become the number one news source for fast, accurate information.

“We are a 150 year-old brand that has an amazing history and an amazing voice in this city. We have a huge audience, great brand recognition, incredible talent—and we’re absolutely ready and excited to continue the Chronicle’s legacy and heritage and make enormous differences in this industry,” says the company’s president Kristine Shine.

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10. Virool

Virool is a powerful video service, allowing clients to target desired audiences on its global network of more than 100 million viewers.

When looking to set up shop, Virool wanted an office that felt like a home. With its SF headquarters, the team works on 21st floor of a building in the Financial District, but the space feels fun and functional. Co-workers still hold meetings on comfy couches, eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner together in the warm and inviting kitchen, and take a break with fun video games—just like a normal family would.

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