Have you heard that Google’s new offices will have a shuttle launch pad, so employees who need inspiration can take a 24-hour space tour around the Earth?

Okay, we totally made that up.

But for a second, you almost believed us, right? Google’s employee perks are famous. Well, good news—we’ve found companies with bonuses just as cool (maybe even cooler!) than the ones at Google. None of them include jetting off into the solar system, but we’re sure it’s almost a matter of time. In the meantime, check out these awesome perks—and the amazing job openings at the companies that offer them.

1. Zappos

“Zappos is just a really fun place to be,” says Kyle Kelly, manager of business development and analysis.

And, Kelly, we’re not shocked you think so. After all, life at Zappos comes with parades, ice cream trucks, themed events, contests, live animals, trivia nights, family picnics, talent shows, pajama days, karaoke, spring break days, snow sledding, and races.

As if that wasn’t enough to guarantee you’ll always be walking around with a smile, the Zappos headquarters in downtown Las Vegas includes a bistro, coffee shop, yoga studio and nap room, gym, backyard, rooftop deck, hammocks, ping-pong, a beach-themed conference room, “penthouse” co-working spaces, and (drumroll, please) touch-screen video games in the elevators.

Wow. Just go apply to jobs now.

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2. Sailthru

Sailthru has so many cool perks it would be tough to describe them all. But we’re especially drawn to the “team development” benefits, which include off-site team meetings (way more inspired than your average conference room setup), company outings, a volleyball team, volunteer opportunities, seasonal parties, weekly office-wide happy hours, weekly catered lunches, boat cruises and beach trips, bi-weekly professional massages, and Tough Tuesday workouts.

Combine that with unlimited vacation time, learning stipends, lunches with industry experts, a speaker series, leadership training, and all the other awesome things we didn’t have space for—and you’ve got a legitimately enviable work-life.

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3. Method

Maybe you’re a creative, unique person who’s looking for creative, unique perks. We respect that, and so does method.

method, which sells naturally derived, biodegradable cleaning products, offers its fun-loving staff an astro-turf covered ping-pong room. (We know, you’ll never be excited by a mere foosball table again.)

The company also throws some seriously fun, seriously inspired parties. Like its annual Prom Night, which is complete with planning committees, intense decorations, photo booths, and of course, costumes.

The team has a blast being a little different.

“At method, awesome comes from weird,” explains Mia Croft, an arts and crafts designer for the company.

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4. Dolby

Working at Dolby means you’ll never have to buy another movie ticket. At its San Francisco and London locations, the company offers its employees the opportunity to see the latest big-screen hits inside its state-of-the-art screening rooms.

Kari Sweetland, senior HR representative, shares her other favorite perks: the annual winter vacation, biweekly free Fridays, and the option of working from home.

However, with such gorgeous offices—think exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and deluxe kitchens (with what we hear is the world’s best espresso machine)—it’s easy to see why the Dolby team enjoys coming in to work every day.

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5. Conversant

Stephanie Hawkins loves Bagel Fridays at Conversant, one of the leading digital marketing companies in the world. Every Friday, employees gather in the kitchen to snack on donuts, drink coffee, and indulge in delicious carbs.

But what she loves even more? The on-site gym where she works out to balance out eating all those bagels. And when the weather’s nice (which, in California, it almost always is), Hawkins goes on a jog through the neighboring park.

Conversant wants to make it easy for employees to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled in all aspects of their lives—so it offers plenty of health-related perks.

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6. Counsyl

At Counsyl, you’ll never eat a sad desk lunch again. Or a sad desk dinner. The company knows how hard it is to power through the 3 PM slump on a soggy sandwich, so every day employees are treated to lunches and dinners catered by local restaurants, food trucks, and farmers’ market purveyors.

If you spill your gourmet lunch on your shirt, no worries, because Counsyl has on-site laundry and dry-cleaning services.

Worried about what those lobster tacos will do to your waistline? Take a class at the on-site gym or just take advantage of the full range of equipment.

Counsyl also provides anything you need for the job—and that does mean anything. From traditional requests like MacBook Pros and Wacom tablets to puppies, if you ask, you shall receive.

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7. Grasshopper

At Grasshopper, a company helping small businesses grow, it’s really obvious how important employee health and happiness is.

How can you tell? For starters, during the chilly winter season, Grasshopper provided Uggs for its employees so their feet could stay warm. That’s a first.

We’re also digging the company’s other benefits, which include flex hours, profit sharing, wellness reimbursements to help you up your physical activity, a fully decked-out game room, free snacks and lunch credits, phone reimbursements, half-day Fridays and “December hours,” complimentary yoga classes, and beer trains.

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8. Thinkful

When every person at the company has a stake in its success, that’s when the magic really happens.

Joining Thinkful comes with lots of benefits, the most important of which is free access to every course—plus a personal programming mentor. This began when new, non-technical employees started taking courses to better understand the technical users’ experience and engineers wanted to learn new languages and skills. The big payoff? Every one of Thinkful’s employees now contributes to its codebase.

Also cool: the catered lunches, company get-togethers, “significant equity,” and gym membership. Plus, if you want some solitude, you can hang out in one of the office’s many comfortable nooks and crannies designed for solo work.

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9. Voxy

Learning another language is one of those goals that’s always on the agenda, but ends up being sacrificed to more quotidian concerns. Voxy is changing all that. The company offers the world’s first personalized language learning app to its customers—along with, of course, free language classes to its team.

You’ll get more than just complimentary courses. Thanks to the company’s fun and frequent language-themed events (think Mandarin Mondays and Spanish-speaking lunches at Mexican restaurants), you’ll have a great time becoming fluent with your co-workers.

“We just have a blast in here,” says Jarod Reyes, front-end developer. “We just crack each other up.”

Voxy also offers more traditional perks, such as flexible hours, competitive salary and stock options, and great benefits.

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10. Vodori

Vodorians—as they affectionately call themselves—absolutely love working at this digital marketing consultancy, thanks to its culture of transparency, innovation, and creativity. Oh, and the benefits don’t hurt, either.

Let’s start with the office. It has a great location in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood, near a ton of public transport options, the expressways, and some of the city’s best eating and drinking establishments. Inside you’ll find motorized, adjustable-height desks, awesome conference rooms, and your choice of computer and OS. Not to mention a bike room and showers, so if you want to bike to work, you don’t have to worry about sweat stains.

Got a dog? Your pet is welcome at Vodori. And if you’d rather hang out with Spot at home, that’s cool, too; thanks to paid time off and half-day Fridays, Vodorians enjoy a great work-life balance.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention the several options for medical coverage, in addition to a dental plan, vision discount, long-term disability insurance, and medical premium insurance—the company will even contribute towards your premiums.

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