Working for a start-up comes with plenty of perks: A fun, flexible, and challenging work environment, the ability to wear a bunch of different hats, the chance to be part of what could be the next big thing.

But, since most start-up gigs come with small teams, close quarters, and long hours, you want to make sure that any company you join is a truly great place to work.

This week, we've picked 10 start-ups that definitely are. And don't take our word for it: We sat down with each company's employees and got the scoop on what they love about their jobs.

1. Handybook


Where: New York

In a Nutshell: A platform that connects customers with qualified housekeepers or handymen.

Why Employees Love It: “Working at Handybook means you can get a lot more responsibility here than you can at other companies because they trust you here,” says one engineer.

Fun Perks: Handybook hosts bi-weekly parties for its customers, service providers, and marketers, opening up its well-stocked “drink cabinet” and challenging partygoers to foster their inner mixologists.

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2. StackSocial


Where: Los Angeles (in Robert Downey, Jr.'s old digs)

In a Nutshell: An online marketplace that helps customers discover the latest and greatest in the tech space.

Why Employees Love It: Besides the gorgeous location, StackSocial employees are inspired working with such a small, close-knit team. “I love creating and working with a small team and hustling to get things done,” says staffer Mark Swiggum.

Fun Perks: A sweet roofdeck overlooking the Pacific.

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3. imo


Where: Silicon Valley

In a Nutshell: A platform that connects all of your IM clients to create an awesome online communication experience.

Why Employees Love It: Every employee we talked to shared how much they love the product they work on. “We all love our product," says Engineer Erdal Tuleu. "It’s our main communication tool throughout the company.”

Fun Perks: Daily catered lunch and dinner, an Equinox gym membership, and a $500/month stipend for living close to the office.

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Where: Silicon Valley

In a Nutshell: An online home for music lovers. "EVNTLIVE is telling the stories of concerts and making them come to life online,” says founder Alex Beckman.

Why Employees Love It: Because they're music lovers who get to have a hand in changing the music industry. “What I saw at EVNTLIVE was an incredible opportunity to build a new service from the ground up, using the latest technology,” says one employee.

Fun Perks: Not surprisingly, the team loves impromptu jam sessions and watching live-stream concerts together after work.

5. Scopely


Where: Los Angeles

In a Nutshell: The creator of addictive, multiplayer mobile games.

Why Employees Love It: “We’re having so much fun everyday. People are constantly laughing and talking to each other, and we take trips as a team just to get to know each other even better,” says VP of Business Development Sujay Tyle.

Fun Perks: Catered lunches, free on-site massage, and huge signing bonuses. Wrapped in bacon.

6. Bread


Where: San Francisco

In a Nutshell: The future of display advertising for social media.

Why Employees Love It: The family-like atmosphere. “At Bread, we’re all friends, we all hang out all the time—we’re almost too close sometimes—but I think it’s a big family and that’s a really important feature,” says CTO and COO Terry Li.

Fun Perks: Annual team trips, including one to Austin for SXSW.

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7. Voxy


Where: New York

In a Nutshell: Language learning made easy, online, and fun.

Why Employees Love It: Named by Business Insider as one of the “10 Best U.S. Tech Companies to Work For,” Voxy is a place where everyone's encouraged to grow, learn, and gain new skills.

Fun Perks: A game room, flexible work hours, and fun activities to help employees learn languages (like Mandarin Mondays and Spanish night at a local restaurant).

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8. CrowdFlower


Where: San Francisco

In a Nutshell: A crowdsourcing company, CrowdFlower takes clients’ large data projects, breaks them into smaller tasks, and doles them out to individual contributors.

Why Employees Love It: “We have a really incredible culture at CrowdFlower. We have great people, so I come into work everyday laughing and smiling,” says Director of Product Tatiana Josephy.

Fun Perks: It's a beautiful place to work: CrowdFlower strives to be an "oxygen neutral" environment, so dozens of plants and greenery adorn every inch of the office.

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9. Factual


Where: Los Angeles

In a Nutshell: A platform that organizes facts and information to create clean, high value databases for all types of businesses.

Why Employees Love It: The team of data lovers call Factual the best place they've ever worked. “One of the great things about working at Factual is being surrounded by smart people," says Engineer Rudy Lippert. "When you come to work, you can get into some really great conversations about all kinds of things.”

Fun Perks: Team yoga, poker nights, and farmer's market visits; a fully stocked kitchen and bean bag chairs to relax in the office.

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10. iCracked


Where: Redwood City, CA

In a Nutshell: Like AAA for your iPhone.

Why Employees Love It: iCracked takes the concept of family seriously, and hires for minds, not roles. “I’ve been with the company since we were working in the first house, and I think that the culture and environment is incredible. Everyone has worked really hard to keep it that way, and every person we add feels like part of our family,” says Marketing Director Leslee Lambert.

Fun Perks: A communal dock and boat that employees can take out on the water.

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