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Obviously your next big career goal is, um, getting this job.

But interviewers want to see that you’re thinking farther ahead than that—and that this job fits logically with that future vision.

Watch the video below to learn a few answers to avoid at all costs, and some advice for how to approach this question to show that you’re just the ambitious professional they want to hire.

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Interviewer: Ariana, really love the resume. Have a seat and let’s get started with the interview. Where do you see yourself in five years?

Adi: [Laughs] Are you serious? I want your job in five years.

[Buzzer sound]

Adi: I have no idea.

[Buzzer sound]

Adi: Well, the Director of Marketing.

Interviewer: This is a sales position.

[Buzzer sound]

Adi: I just want to do things differently, you know, really shake things up. Like, I want to be able to write my own novel, or have this artisinal popcorn company.

[Buzzer sound]

Adi: Well, I play the lottery, you know, hopefully I won’t be working. Get lucky, woo!

Interviewer: Okay, let’s step in here. An interviewer doesn’t want to hear that you have no goals, that you have unrealistic expectations or that you’re trying to take his job. Try this, instead, talk about some goals that you have over the next few years and how this job is a step in the right direction to accomplish those goals.

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