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We’re launching new companies on The Muse all the time and while you can browse through them (and their job openings) anytime you want on our site, we want to make sure you never miss out. That’s why we’ve put together this list of our 13 newest partners.

You’ll discover all kinds of interesting employers—from video advertising platform SpotX to fintech companies like DTCC and Itemize. And when you read our company profiles, you can get a better sense of what it would be like to work there. For example, you can learn about Udemy’s initiatives to foster a rich learning culture. Or find out how Spectrum teaches its leaders and managers how to help their teams thrive.

Read on to delve deeper into these exciting companies and what they have to offer!

1. Spectrum

Spectrum company profile
Spectrum culture
Working at Spectrum

Spectrum is the leading broadband communications company and the second-largest cable operator in the United States. They provide a full range of advanced broadband services, including Spectrum TV video entertainment programming, Spectrum Internet access, and Spectrum Voice to connect more people in more places. Spectrum employees take pride in their fast-paced, dynamic work culture and encourage each other to reach their full potential.

2. Udemy

Udemy company profile
Udemy culture
Working at Udemy

Udemy is a global leader in online education. The company’s employees have built a platform on which more than 50 million students learn from over 150,000 courses taught by expert instructors in 65+ languages. Udemy fosters a collaborative environment where people can enhance their professional skill sets while being surrounded by motivated, passionate, and positive colleagues. As an educational company, Udemy has a rich learning culture with top-notch training sessions, unlimited access to Udemy classes, and company-wide instructional initiatives. With growing teams and offices around the world, now is a great time to join the Udemy team.


DTCC company profile
DTCC culture
Working at DTCC

DTCC was established more than four decades ago to reduce risk in the financial markets by centralizing and streamlining the processing of securities transactions. Today, the company stands at the center of global trading activity, processing over 100 million financial transactions every day, and maintaining multiple data and operating centers worldwide.

4. Siemens

Siemens company profile
Siemens culture
Working at Siemens

At Siemens, people are on a mission to change the world and are guided by their belief that “we make real what matters.” This belief is broken into three parts:
1. Success in creating: They all contribute to the development of great products.
2. Growing through challenges: They always take on tough projects.
3. Embracing respect: They are respectful, diverse, and believe everyone deserves an opportunity.

5. SpotX

SpotX company profile
SpotX culture
Working at SpotX

SpotX, an RTL Group company, is a global video advertising platform with 12 offices around the world. Headquartered in Denver, the business is filled with talented and collaborative people who are keenly focused on innovation and generating new ideas. SpotX’s leaders are always assessing the company’s priorities and adapting to the market to ensure that everyone is focused on the right projects. Staying ahead in such a fast-paced industry is key, and SpotXers are always willing to step up to get something done. There is never a dull moment—each day brings new challenges that keep the team motivated and passionate about their work.

6. GroundTruth

GroundTruth company profile
GroundTruth culture
Working at GroundTruth

GroundTruth is the leading global location technology company for driving visits and performance. Businesses of all sizes use GroundTruth’s proprietary geomarketing technology to better understand their audiences, boost brand awareness, drive traffic, and increase sales. The company empowers employees to identify problems and work collaboratively to solve them. The result is a vibrant culture rooted in courage and optimism, fueled by an ambitious resolve to be an industry innovator. GroundTruth provides a robust suite of benefits and perks, from its generous health plan and paid leave policy to catered lunches and snacks that help attract thoughtful and ambitious people to the team.

7. The Execu|Search Group

The Execu|Search Group company profile
The Execu|Search Group culture
Working at The Execu|Search Group

Founded on the belief that people are what move companies forward, The Execu|Search Group supports employees in building their own career path and gives them the resources they need for professional development and growth. Their status as a leader in the staffing and recruiting industry is driven by the long-term relationships their team members have built with colleagues, clients, and candidates. Execu|Search has been connecting professionals with leading employers across the country for over 30 years, and they’ve filled over 100,000 jobs—and counting—for more than 35,000 companies.

8. Panorama Education

Panorama Education company profile
Panorama Education culture
Working at Panorama Education

Panorama Education is a fast-growing technology startup focused on radically improving how students learn. Educators use the platform to monitor how pupils are faring in academics, attendance, behavior, and college readiness and then coordinate actions to support each child. Whether they are parents, former educators, or have been fundamentally impacted by education, Panorama’s employees have a deep connection to the company’s mission. That commitment informs the way team members work with each other, the way they support clients, and the quality of the work product.

9. Itemize

Itemize company profile
Itemize culture
Working at Itemize

Itemize is an award-winning fintech company that offers expense management and accounts payable solutions for businesses. The company harnesses proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate processes for a range of leading clients in financial services, including credit card companies, accounting software providers, expense management companies, and accounts payable platforms providers. Everyone working at Itemize has a passion for cutting-edge innovation. Whether it’s by developing AI technologies, manipulating millions of data rows, or creating efficient processing pipelines, employees feel that they are creating a new and more advanced product that customers will appreciate.

10. Hubba

Hubba company profile
Hubba culture
Working at Hubba

Hubba is an online marketplace for independent retailers to buy directly from craft food and beverage brands. The company is transforming the retail industry and every person on their team plays a material part in their success. At Hubba, everyone is supported by amazing coworkers who are light on ego, high on curiosity, and are passionate about changing retail for the better. As a small company, they value input across the business and look for flexibility and eagerness to learn and grow. Hubba is looking to hire team members who are self-motivated, eager to explore solutions to tricky problems, and care about those around them.

11. DoSomething

DoSomething company profile
DoSomething culture
Working at DoSomething

DoSomething.org fights on behalf of its 5 million members every single day. People who work here believe all young people have the agency to create social change and are passionate about providing youth with the guidance and tools needed to transform the world. With a mission like that, DoSomething.org doesn’t hire just anybody. This is a place where people work “hella hard,” move super fast, and are excited to come to such a dynamic office every day. Everyone on staff has their own reason for coming to work here.

12. Fundera

Fundera company profile
Fundera culture
Working at Fundera

Fundera has one goal: to help small business owners confidently shop, compare, and understand the financial solutions they need to succeed. Since the company’s launch, it has helped thousands of businesses quickly and seamlessly secure billions of dollars in funds. Now Fundera is going full speed ahead in new avenues that economically empower entrepreneurs and give them a fair opportunity to achieve financial success. Engineers, designers, editors, bankers, former business owners, and more all share a common goal to change the way small business owners access and manage their finances. They are looking for smart, ambitious folks who are passionate about small businesses to join the team.

13. Sprinklr

Sprinklr company profile
Sprinklr culture
Working at Sprinklr

Sprinklr is a leading customer experience management (CXM) platform. The company's vision is to be the world’s most loved enterprise software company, and its mission is to enable every organization on the planet to make their customers happier. Sprinklr’s core values—known as “The Sprinklr Way”—are focused on helping employees thrive personally and professionally. Headquartered in New York City with 1,900 employees in 16 countries across 25 offices, Sprinklr offers new hires the opportunity to join a family of global talent.

Here at The Muse, we partner with a lot of great companies to bring you insider looks at their offices and awesome job listings. These employers pay us to be featured on the site, but these Muse-worthy brands made this list not just because they want to be included, but because their culture, policies, and employee feedback showed us that they deserve to be.

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