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An inside look at one of Boston Consulting Group’s offices, as seen on The Muse.

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Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group company profile
Boston Consulting Group culture
Working at Boston Consulting Group

When you work at BCG, you immediately become part of our family of 25,000 diverse and dedicated employees around the world. We’re passionate about developing and using leading-edge management consulting practices and innovative technology and design, to bring new possibilities to life. Whether you’re looking into consulting, seeking a career in digital technology, working on decarbonization strategies as a climate champion, or creating the future through AI at scale, there’s a BCG job that’s right for you. Visit to learn about how BCG can empower you to make an impact and unlock our clients’ potential—while unlocking your own.

GE Power

GE Power company profile
GE Power culture
Working at GE Power

Imagine bringing cutting-edge technology to an industrial business. Imagine having the freedom to design new concepts and the resources to build them. We believe that by empowering leaders like you, anything can be achieved.

Our products, technology and solutions improve lives in moments that matter. Our work is complex, innovative and highly challenging, but it’s worth every moment because it makes a positive impact in the world. And it takes a range of professionals to do it. People like you.

March of Dimes

March of Dimes company profile
March of Dimes culture
Working at March of Dimes

For 80 years, March of Dimes has helped millions of babies survive and thrive. Now we’re building on that legacy to level the playing field for all moms and babies, no matter their age, socio-economic background, or demographics. We support moms throughout their pregnancy, even when everything doesn’t go according to plan. We advocate for policies that prioritize their health. We support radical improvements to the care they receive. Our inclusive culture and values provide our employees with the compassion and the ability to build strong relationships to tell our story and lead fearlessly. As a result, our employees are motivated to be authentic, accept and expect accountability, to champion equity and inclusion. We want mission-driven, innovative, self-disciplined, compassionate employees to take ownership of their careers and join us.

Reliable Robotics

Reliable Robotics company profile
Reliable Robotics culture
Working at Reliable Robotics

We are a venture backed technology startup based in Mountain View, California, with a globally distributed workforce. Our team consists of experienced professionals in aviation, autonomy, robotics, and a broad range of other industries. Above all we are inspired by the challenge of creating the first remotely operated aircraft for commercial applications. We value authenticity, a bias for action and personal autonomy, and strive to cultivate these principles in our work environment. People joining our team appreciate the opportunity to grow, advance their career and influence the future of aviation. Our company is growing fast, with remote and onsite positions available at all career stages.

Samba TV

Samba TV company profile
Samba TV culture
Working at Samba TV

Samba TV is guided by our core values of Determination, Intellectual Honesty, Curiosity, Humility and Results. Our inclusive environment empowers employees to connect and collaborate with one another, build community, and tackle meaningful projects that make a real impact. Our team is committed to diversity, cultivating talent, and ensuring the best workplace experience for all.


Appfire company profile
Appfire culture
Working at Appfire

Appfire is about people, first and foremost. At Appfire, our people — our family of 500+ Fireflies — can bring their whole selves to work and thrive. We live this out through seven core values: be human; make it, and make it matter; light the way; getting it right is better than being right; thrive on change and grow as a family; add to the awesome; and build the flame. Appfire leadership emphasizes an open and inclusive environment built on trust, transparency, and collaboration. We recognize that not all employees have the same roles, needs, or backgrounds. For this reason, we prioritize a character-forward approach to talent acquisition that favors curiosity and resilience over technical skills and education.

We are proud to be a fast-growing organization — crossing the $100 million mark in Annual Recurring Revenue in early 2022 — backed by strong financial sponsors and advisors.

Bamboo Health

Bamboo Health company profile
Bamboo Health culture
Working at Bamboo Health

Bamboo Health influences lives: We improve patient lives with innovative healthcare technology solutions; we empower employee lives with a healthy, flexible, and collaborative remote-centric work environment. We create a culture where all teammates feel welcomed, valued, and heard. We promote a diverse and equitable employee population that leads to more creative and effective solutions.
As a fast-growing healthcare technology company, mission-driven employees can drive their career progression. We hire people seeking impactful roles in thought leadership and innovation. We hire doers, folks who aren't afraid to roll up their sleeves to identify and propose solutions; and we hire leaders, those with the drive and determination to break barriers and propel us forward.


Pinterest company profile
Pinterest culture
Working at Pinterest

We are a platform for creatives, by creatives. We believe the internet can be an inspiring place, but only if we deliberately design it that way. While we’ve already made huge strides, we know we have a long way to go. That’s where you come in.

A few reasons to join us: enjoy our company-wide dedicated days for creative exploration, take advantage of our unique approach to remote work (#Pinflex), and expect high levels of autonomy and ownership over shaping our products. Our core values represent what makes Pinterest so special: put Pinners first, act as one, aim for extraordinary, create belonging, and win or learn.

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Bloomberg LP

Bloomberg LP company profile
Bloomberg LP culture
Working at Bloomberg LP

Life at Bloomberg is many things, but it's never dull. We're a truly global business with a truly diverse workforce. We pride ourselves on being open, inclusive and collaborative -- and in providing a work environment that inspires our employees to be their best.

At Bloomberg we work on purpose. In some roles no two days are the same. In others you’ll get to hone your talent to a fine point. But all of us engage in meaningful work, delivering leading edge products and solutions that shape the industry and are critical to our customers. You’ll also get to work at a company that lives its values and provides employees with opportunities to give back.


Stride company profile
Stride culture
Working at Stride

"It's a rare opportunity to work in the private sector doing public good. Stride is one of those rare opportunities." - Peter Lee, Executive Director, Covered California.

We're helping people who really need a whole lot of help, like rideshare and delivery drivers, grocery shoppers, house cleaners, dog walkers and handymen get their own affordable benefits. Many of these workers don't speak English at home, don't have more than a high school education, use their phones as their main computer, and need to tackle complex things like health insurance and taxes all on their own.

That's where Stride comes in. We're a collaborate, mission-driven team making it easy for these essential workers to get the benefits they need to keep themselves and their families physically and financially healthy. We work hard but know that the best way to take great care of our customers is to take great care of our team first.


Arcadia company profile
Arcadia culture
Working at Arcadia

Arcadians believe in a world where people thrive. They're a collaborative bunch of tech lovers, data nerds, and care fanatics who are passionate about taking on the biggest challenges in healthcare. Sound like you?


Nanit company profile
Nanit culture
Working at Nanit

We invest in people. We consider each employee a long-term investment and we see value in continuously nurturing and training them. We have an awesome product, that makes life a little more manageable for new parents. We work hard. We are constantly striving to discover new and innovative ways to improve our product and ourselves.


RapidSOS company profile
RapidSOS culture
Working at RapidSOS

We’re a diverse and ambitious team devoted to a life-saving mission. Our team works collaboratively and cross-functionally to build the solutions, relationships, and ideas that will change the way public safety responds to emergencies. Together, we impact over 150 million emergencies annually, helping save and protect lives.

As a fast-growing, mission-driven startup, we look for team members who embody our values of purpose over pride, trust and safety, pioneering, and urgency and are excited to learn and grow every day. You'll thrive here if you love autonomy, taking initiative, and working collaboratively.

Pie Insurance

Pie Insurance company profile
Pie Insurance culture
Working at Pie Insurance

Our team of seasoned technology and insurance experts - called
Pie-oneers - are on a mission to make insurance less expensive, simpler, and more transparent for small business owners - all while embracing the values of integrity, ownership, simplicity, and service that make Pie an incredible place to work. Pie team members do the right thing when nobody's watching, treat everyone with respect, and take care of our customers; if it serves small business, it serves Pie.


Infogrid company profile
Infogrid culture
Working at Infogrid

We’re an output driven organization doing great things for the earth, which means we need to bring our best selves to work – we understand that everyone has different ways of doing this which is why we offer flexible working as well as fostering a transparent & inclusive environment. Passionately standing by our values:

Chase it - Drive a high-performing, ‘go-getter’ attitude to become a trailblazing, world-renowned company.

Own it - Embrace our culture of trust by taking ownership and accountability to make good on your promises.

Deliver it - Innovate with simplicity and agility to deliver excellence and outstanding customer experiences.

Support it - Be excellent to each other to nurture a supportive, welcoming and wonderful place to work.

Sustain it - Build and promote practices that create a more sustainable world and healthy workplace.


Sendwave company profile
Sendwave culture
Working at Sendwave

What we’re most proud of though is our brilliant, creative, and tenacious team. Our remote-first workplace means you’ll be working with Sendwavers in Europe, Africa, South America, and the U.S. that all share a core set of Sendwave values.

Kaplow Communications

Kaplow Communications company profile
Kaplow Communications culture
Working at Kaplow Communications

Our mission is simple: to hire great people and provide them with the opportunities to grow. We say we are a family-first agency because that’s how we treat our employees. T.R.E.E. – Trust, Respect, Energy and Enthusiasm – embodies our values and commitment to our culture of recognition, learning and support. In fact, a recent survey found 100% of employees feel we have an agency-wide sense of community and a positive culture that fosters professional growth. The industry has noticed, too. We've been awarded "Top Places to Work" by PRNews and other leading organizations time and time again.

We are always looking for collaborative and curious boundary-pushers and people who can get the word out about our brands. Sound like a fit? We’d love to meet you.


dysrupt company profile
dysrupt culture
Working at dysrupt

We built dysrupt to be a magnet for experts. We’re entirely comprised of industry veterans with years of experience working at leading digital platforms and agencies. We look for the movers, the makers, the doers, the shakers, the innovators, the new-wave pioneers. We want to work with those willing to bet on themselves. So, do you want to be an arbiter of change? To rock the boat? To upset the apple cart? To let that magical genie out of the proverbial bottle?

You do? Excellent. Then let’s get going. We have a market to dysrupt.


Allovue company profile
Allovue culture
Working at Allovue

Allovue helps every dollar work for every student. We value our districts and do whatever we can to meet their specific needs. At work, we value our employees as well, and aim to show our application by creating an environment where each team member has competitive pay, project autonomy, a flexible schedule, work-life balance, a fun environment, and a voice that's heard.

We strive to prioritize diversity, equity, inclusion, and anti-racism. This commitment is reflected in our recruitment, hiring and compensation practices, software development, and the educational resources that we share with the world.

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